Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom1 Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom

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Hello again dear friends! If you have been following along you know I am in the beginning stages of giving my home that coastal farmhouse look I love so much. And I am so excited because I am about to transform another room in my house. I know, I must be nuts, cause I just finished my son’s farmhouse bathroom transformation.

I am really excited though because this time the transformation is for me! And yes, while I already gave “my” laundry room a facelift, at least in this room, I won’t have to work… I can actually rest and relax at the end of the day in it.

It was driving me nuts actually since we don’t do anything to a room until we paint the walls, cause I mean, think about it!? What’s the point in setting up all the furniture if you’re just going to have to move it again and paint the walls.

And of course while it sounds like decent reasoning, you end up sleeping on your mattress on the floor for longer than you want… ugh… and that is never fun.


Not to mention you don’t want to show anyone a tour of your house! ?

But alas! I get my coastal farmhouse master bedroom, however, you need to see the BEFORE pictures.

Oh the horror!

Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom 2 Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom


I have been living inside these mustard yellow walls that remind me of the inside of our favorite local Mexican restaurant (which by the way has the best food!) and it’s hurting my eyes.

I wasn’t lying when I told you about sleeping on the floor… heck I was too lazy to put a cover on my duvet! Ha! 

The view below is what you see when you walk in.

And what is up with those cornice boards!?

There were just too many when we moved in and they left them all there! Like we were going to use them or something… I am happy to report, those are outta there!

Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom 1 Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Here is the other side (where I was standing). The double-doors is the entrance into the room and the right doorway is my closet.  The door all the way to the left is the entrance into the master bathroom.

Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom


This room is not as large as my last one, however, I actually like it that way because instead of having to have a sitting area and office area and entrance area like the last master bedroom we had, this will JUST be a master bedroom retreat.

So now for the plans…

The color on the walls has to go! I want a cool teal with grey undertones. And absolutely NO texture! And I plan on adding shiplap to the back focal wall.

Here is my vision…along with sources:

Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Coastal Master Mood Board Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Pictured above:

Bed  | Bench | Rug | Lamp | Carved Art | Chair | Curtains | Small Recycled Glass Vase Tall Recycled Glass Vase Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant


The bed shown above is actually from Ashley Furniture. That was what our queen bed looked liked until we needed a King size one and found this similar one on Craigslist and gave it a makeover to match the rest of the furniture.

Bench – I have always wanted a bench at the foot of my bed. It will be great for storage and getting ready in the morning so I look forward to adding it to our bedroom.

Rug – I have been eyeing this rug FOREVER! It has this coastal blue pattern to it and it has that distressed look that gives it the farmhouse touch! I need a good size rug since I will be covering the yellow stain the original homeowners left behind on the carpet from the area rug they had in the room.

It won’t come out… we tried… with the best carpet cleaners in town… 

I’m using Wikibuy to track the price of it online to make sure I get the best deal!

FYI… If you have not used Wikibuy on your computer, check it out! It is a new Chrome extension that finds the best prices for you online. And the coolest part is that it shows you past prices of that product, so you can see if the price will likely drop back down in the future!

It’s actually a pretty cool tool and now that I have started using it I will continue to do so for the best deals!

Lamp – I purchased these lamps for our master in the last house and will be using them in this one as well. I love how they look!

Carved Art  – I also love how carved art looks and I hope to get a couple of pieces like this or perhaps a large one for above the bed.

Chair – I’m looking for an armchair as I have a small nook I think it would look nice in and the wicker gives the room more of the coastal feel. I just hope I can afford one since they are pretty pricey!

Curtains  – I plan on creating the feel that we are near the coast by adding simple sheer white curtains.

Small Recycled Glass Vase  – I love this kind of glass and already have a good size collection.

Tall Recycled Glass Vase 

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant – I have a real fiddle leaf fig but it hasn’t grown much so I may resort to a faux plant like this one.

While not everything might be exactly the same when I actually transform the space (it all depends on the budget)  this is pretty much my end goal for my space.

I hope to keep it light and airy and not too feminine for the hubby. I cannot wait to start putting it together.

I hope you like the plans for my coastal farmhouse master bedroom. I cannot wait to share the progress and keep you posted on updates.

Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that you can actually watch the transformation videos and tours  just like I did with my son’s bathroom.

Yami Signature Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom




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  1. Wow, now I know what you were talking about when you were talking about your bedrom before the transition. You and your hubbie made wonderful oasis for yourselfes.

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