Our Farmhouse Fixer Upper

Our Farmhouse Fixer Upper Our Farmhouse Fixer Upper


Hello sweet friends! It is October 31st, and I just finished making my littlest’s costume last night #momoftheyear #winning. She wanted to be Mickey Mouse so I pieced it together for her and she is so excited to wear it to school today. 

I am hoping the weather gets better as it’s supposed to thunderstorm all day LONG. I would hate for them not to go out tonight because of the rain. 

Pray for good weather!!!! ???

My oldest is going as Super Girl and my son is obsessed with Godzilla so naturally we got him one of those blow-up costumes with the little fan attachments and he has a hoot every time he puts that thing on. It’s quite hilarious. 

But at least I have somewhat of an excuse that I have taken so long to finalize my littlest’s costume (as well as share another post on here) since over the weekend I was in the ER. 

Oh yeah, you heard right. 

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my stories. Last week we had to get the upstairs carpets removed and new ones installed (Cause they were naaaaaaasty! More on that in another post) and somehow I became allergic to something during the process…. but it only took like 4 days to fully take over my entire body! 

It started with severe itching behind my left ear on Friday, then it gradually took over my scalp, then forehead, until it began crawling down my neck and onto the rest of my body. 


Of course, my tongue also felt slightly bigger. That is when I knew I had to go to the ER. 

An Epinephrine shot, IV, steroids and a serious cocktail of antihistamines later…. I got better. 

Of course, I looked like a train wreck which is why I didn’t dare show my face when I took the shot below. 

Good times! 

bvZE1itaRS2FB0nGnp1Cw e1572489039948 Our Farmhouse Fixer Upper

Now I have to have an Epi-Pen with me. And I need to go make an appointment with an allergist to see what the heck I am allergic to. 

Hold on, let me see when I can fit them in. 

Not to mention I am now sick with a cold! The hits keep coming people. 

I feel terrible. And not because I am actually sick, but because I feel like I should be more productive and have tons of pictures and posts ready for you with what has been happening the past week, but instead I got ONE video

Yes, one that I managed to do a voice over on despite me sounding slightly stuffy. 

I really wanted to give you all a complete BEFORE of the new house (aka Fixer Upper). But since we had to hit the ground running the minute we moved in, plus all the hits I have been getting (that was a joke), everything just got away from me. 

However there is hope.

I was able to screenshot the images of our house from when it was listed on the market (before they were taken down) and I compiled a video for you all so you can see the house in its bare state before we moved in and made a hot mess out of it!  YAY!

And instead of you trying to figure out the layout and where everything is, I walk you through every image and take you through all 3 floors so you can see exactly why we fell in love with this home and the gorgeous property it sits on. 

I think you will enjoy it! 

Just sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and tell me which part of the new house is your favorite. 

I’ll just be in bed nursing my cold and praying for good weather. 

Yami Signature Our Farmhouse Fixer Upper




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    1. LOL! I am so lucky to have friends as evil as you! LOL! I hope to not have to use the pen either, however, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Perhaps cause I survived childbirth?!?!?

  1. Wow what a reaction!
    Hope you are feeling much better.
    Your new home looks amazing! Can’t wait to see your changes!
    New to your blog, loving your style!

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