Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles

Painted Sunroom Floors Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles

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Hello friends! I hope you all are doing well. Time is flying and with that more projects are getting done. The next step in our sunroom transformation was going to be the old tile floors. 

I shared an image of grey cement tiles on my vision board but let’s face it, we have no time for that right now and we are trying to keep things as inexpensive as possible. 

And even though the tiles were old, they were in good shape. 

Painted Sunroom Floors BEFORE Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles

And if you have been with me for a while now, you know that I have painted floors before… to be exact my laundry room floor in my previous home.   I posted a complete how to on that post. 

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So we actually partnered with Rust-Oleum for the transformation of our floors on my Youtube channel since we felt that an actual demonstration of us using the product would be best, but I wanted to share some information here as well. I will include the video in the end of this post for your reference since everything is in full detail there. 

Rust-Oleum has a great new product called RockSolid Home and it is meant to be used in the painting of indoor flooring. This item is found is most Home Depot’s nationwide and will be available in all of them soon. 

Painted Sunroom Floors 9 Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles

It’s a 2 step process with a base coat and a sealer….

That’s it…

No primer..

Say what?! 


The most important step is prepping the floors (like literally scrubbing and wiping the heck out of them to make sure they are clean). Rust-Oleum recommends Krud Kutter for this. 

Then it was off to painting… 

Painted Sunroom Floors 1 Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles


I started with the edges and woah! This paint actually said it takes one coat and I didn’t want to believe it, but that’s ALL you need! 

I mean look at that coverage! 

*Be sure to use a facemask, this stuff is pretty strong*Painted Sunroom Floors 2 Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles


After I did the boarders, the hubby did the rolling…

Painted Sunroom Floors 3 Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles


Be sure to work your way out of a room if you do this… ?

Painted Sunroom Floors 4 Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles


It only needs 6 hours to dry, but we left it alone all night. 

Painted Sunroom Floors 5 Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles


Okay this is ONE coat people! ?

This is the color French Gray by the way…

*Quick note, if you use the white as the base color, you will need 2 coats*

Painted Sunroom Floors 6 Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles


Of course, you can leave the floors like this and add the top coat on. The best part about it is that you only need one coat of that too and you apply it the same way as the base coat. 

But of course, I had to go “all out” and stencil some tiles too…

Painted Sunroom Floors 7 Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles


I used the Santa Rose Tile Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. For this I used another base coat in their white color. Once that dried overnight, we sealed the floors and gave it 72 hours to cure before adding any furniture. 

Painted Sunroom Floors 8 Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles

We couldn’t be happier! 

I am so glad this is done… what do you think of the floors? 

Eeeeek! We love this stuff and I still have quite a bit left over… wondering what I will use it for next! 

 If you need more details about how to apply this don’t forget to check the video above. 

Now it’s off to furnishing…. 

Yami Signature Painted Sunroom Floor Tiles

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  1. Am considering doing this on our kitchen floors… which are a high traffic area. How has the paint held up over time?

    1. They held up over the years we spent there. There were a few chips here and there but I honestly think it was “user error” when applying the paint. It was rather cold when we did it.

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