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Non Toxic Wall Decals for Nursery 683x1024 Removable Wall Decals

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Hi there! So as you know I have been adding some more decorative elements to my littlest’s nursery since it has been pretty bland ever since we fixed it up for her when we got pregnant. So far I have created the beautiful DIY chandelier baby mobile and I loved how it turned out!

Next I wanted to add something to that really bland wall she had behind her crib and I was so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Portland Wall Art in order to try and test their eco-friendly removable wall decals.

I picked the 2 inch gold polka dots for the feature wall. The OCD in me knew I had to have a consistent pattern and I set myself on a diagonal theme. I really wanted it to look like wallpaper, so my hubby and I got started on the wall together.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Wall Decals
  2. Step Ladder
  3. Painter’s Tape
  4. Pencil

The gold removable wall decals came in sets of 40 and the rolls looked like this:

Decals on Nursery Wall 3 Removable Wall Decals

As you can see, they arrived in pristine condition and are of high quality. The gold was super smooth & shiny, which I loved!

Okay, so…

First, to achieve the pattern I created, you need make an X on the wall with the painter’s tape. We just started from the corners.

Decals on Nursery Wall 1024x768 Removable Wall Decals

That intersection is where your center decal is going to go.

Then, measure how far apart you want the next intersections to be. We measured up 12 inches vertically on the wall to start on the next line.

Decals on Nursery Wall 1 1024x768 Removable Wall Decals

The painter’s tape can bend a little when stretched across the wall like that so we sometimes just had to eye-ball it, but they came out pretty consistent.

Once we did one diagonal stretch, we started on the next side.

Decals on Nursery Wall 2 Removable Wall Decals

After that was done, I took a pencil and marked right above each intersection, where I have indicated by the arrows. I made sure to include the sides and the intersections at the very top.

Those were where I was going to place my dots.

Once those were marked, we removed the tape and starting peeling and placing. The decals were pretty easy to peel too (my hubby might disagree, but he’s a guy so that’s his excuse… LOL!).

Sometimes I would misplace one slightly on the wall, but I would quickly remove it and reposition it… and it stuck back on with ease!

Here is what the before image looked like: BORING!!!!

Removable Wall Decals Before 1024x768 Removable Wall Decals

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And here is the final look!!!!

As you can see, I cut several in half and placed them where the walls ended. I had marked those intersections and even though they were slightly off the wall, cutting them made the decals on the wall look like they were part of a wallpaper design.

I ended up using a total of 2 and a half sheets for this entire wall.

Removable Wall Decals 2 Removable Wall Decals

I highly recommend Portland Wall Art on Etsy as they really do have the best customer service. Caron was amazing to work with, super helpful and patient!


This is a great solution for renters who cannot paint. These removable wall decals add so much personality and are super easy to remove leaving absolutely no residue. Plus, they are non-toxic and kid friendly so you will have no problem with your kiddos getting near them and playing with them… because, well…. it’s inevitable.

Removable Wall Decals Naty 1024x768 Removable Wall Decals

If you are looking to revamp a room in your house or perhaps you know someone who is decorating their nursery, check out Portland Wall Art on Etsy!

Screen Shot 2017 03 28 at 1.48.33 AM Removable Wall Decals

Caron also has another shop called Eco Wall Decals where she offers more options and even custom designs! So if dots aren’t your thing, then their selection will certainly please, plus they offer their decals at amazing prices!


Screen Shot 2017 03 28 at 1.57.45 AM Removable Wall Decals

I truly hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your thoughts on how it turned out!

And again a big thank you to Caron at Portland Wall Art for sponsoring this post and supplying these gorgeous decals!

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Non Toxic Walls Decals for Nursery 2 Removable Wall Decals

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