Big Girl Room

So after moving while 9 months preggo with baby #2, giving birth to that beautiful baby boy and moving into what I like to call, “Leave it to Beaverville” I can finally start working on making our house a home. Our 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath on a full finished basement home is dying for some character, since the people who had been living in the house for the last 2 years were renters. The first thing we had to do was Natalia’s room. Our beautiful baby girl is now 20 months old and instead of buying whole new baby furniture for our son, we decided to give him her old set and buy her a new “big girl room”. This time, I wanted white on white on white! Before we had the furniture delivered we just had to get her bedroom painted. Just check out the before pictures… BLEH!

 DSC 0780 1024x680 Big Girl RoomDSC 0779 1024x680 Big Girl Room DSC 0781 1024x680 Big Girl Room

The door to the far right is the upstairs bath – we figured she would eventually want dibs on that. As you can see those were no colors for a princess!

I decided to go with a light green, Sage Tint by Behr, only I asked the paint mixer person to make it 25% lighter to get this! Tadahh!!!! What difference paint makes!!

DSC 0121 680x1024 Big Girl Room

We decided to get her a trundle bed. Since she is little and can fall off, we have her sleeping on the pullout bed. Then when she gets older she can move to the top and if her cousin comes over, Daniella can sleep on the bottom. We thought it was the better solution than getting her a toddler bed or another convertible crib. So far she likes it and it seems to work! We think she could give this furniture some good use and could work well into her teens.

Then it was off to add some linens and accessories. Since I had the trundle I had to get double of everything – I mean of course they had to match! I found some white cotton sheets at JCPenney and then headed to Ikea in search for some plush down comforters. I LOVE DOWN!!!!

But before that, I went ahead and applied a really cool tree to her wall (I had had it FOR-EV-A and I finally found a home for it). It was like paint by numbers only with stickers!! This is what it started as:

DSC 0003 1024x680 Big Girl Room

And this is how it progressed…

Natys Tree Steps Final 1024x513 Big Girl Room

I had to make sure I did this when she was not around, because if she knew these were stickers, half the tree would be missing by now….

Here is the bed made with the new linens and the trundle hidden underneath…

Natys Room Progress 10.04.13 2 1024x680 Big Girl Room

And here it is with the trundle out and ready for Naty!

Natys Room Progress 10.04.13 1024x680 Big Girl Room

There is still a ton of stuff to do, like touch up the ceiling, add art and some really cute baby pictures, organize her closet, add curtains, decide what to do with the light fixture…. Whew! But at least for now she has a really cute princess bedroom in the making…. Hope you like!


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