Girl’s Nursery Before

Daughters Nursery Before Girls Nursery Before

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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. My kiddos and I have been getting over the flu, pink eye and several other things over the holidays. However, we have been trying to make the best of it and have been getting better little by little each day, which has mainly been the reason I have not been able to write in a little while.

Now with the New Year I plan on tackling several spaces in our new to us home and I have plans on making it happen on a budget. One of the first rooms I am tackling is my littlest’s nursery little girl’s room.

Why start with the youngest’s room?

Well just have a look….

1 10 Girls Nursery Before

The wallpaper in this room is enough to give me nightmares, I couldn’t imagine putting my baby girl there (she’s been sleeping in our room since we moved in).

I mean, it’s not just one wall….

It’s everywhere! ?


2 11 Girls Nursery Before

So my plan is to take all of that horrible wall paper down….

If you recall, when I redid her nursery in our last home, I had an accent wall with pretty gold decals from Portland Wall Art along with another coral accent wall.

Removable Wall Decals 2 Girls Nursery Before

I actually loved the coral, but it was just a little too dark for a little girl’s room.

Aracely Nursery Before 3 Girls Nursery Before

I plan on creating more of a “Farmhouse Princess” room with a lighter shade of coral. I want it lighter and brighter and I have a plan for a beautiful accent wall, if executed correctly, should turn out amazing.

But I will admit, I have never removed wall paper before and I have a feeling I won’t enjoy the process.

Cause it’s a whole lot of wallpaper! Gah!

Okay, moving on…

The furniture will stay the same except for the crib. I will be giving her my older daughter’s single bed and giving my older daughter a larger bed to grow in.

I will say I cannot wait to start making these changes and share them with you!

I will be back in your inbox soon!

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