Farmhouse “Cottage” Kitchen Plans

Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans Pin Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

Happy Friday everyone! It is time to get down to the nitty gritty of all the behind the scenes going on over here. There has been so much work going on I just can’t keep up. Good thing is I have been documenting all of it (just not writing about it). 

Truth be told, it has been extremely overwhelming and my house has been nothing short of a disaster these past several months. I have been sharing updates on my YouTube channel and find that sharing there has been easier because I can just show clips of the process along the way. 

Let’s face it, showing us installing cabinets in the laundry is easy to follow along via video….

Writing each and every detail and showing images…. totally different story! 

Why do I suck at this?

For me it’s easier when everything is nice and cohesive and in super duper order on a blog post and I am still trying to figure out my style when posting about renovations. So as the progress continued, my images became overwhelming and I honestly didn’t know where to begin. 

See, the only place we have made progress on is the sunroom, but then that came to a halt when we encountered our flooring issues along the entire first floor. And because we had to rip out all the floors, the whole house was under construction and everything has been a slow going process. So there is nothing but just a hot mess to share. 

Seriously… not one Instagram worthy shot. ?

So because everything was a mess, so was my brain. 

But I knew it had to be shared so I sat down and thought… how can I share everything without it being overwhelming (and extremely unpleasant) for me to write about???

Million dollar question right there.

I knew I needed to take baby steps. Just one step at a time. 


I will just share one room at a time! 

Doesn’t seem like a difficult conclusion, but there was just so much, I didn’t see things clearly. 

Okay, so where do I start? 

How about the room that I look forward to changing the most?


This was a space I actually wasn’t going to do this soon and frankly it’s not our ultimate dream kitchen, but we just need to do it. The room is so terrible I found myself less inspired to spend time there and actually cook there as time went by. 

It was dark, dingy, yucky and just plain ugly. 

Who wants to make meals in that?!?! 

So let’s take a trip down memory lane… do you remember the original house tour where I shared all the images of the house’s listing? Well, here are some images of the kitchen when it was listed. 


%name Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

Yep, it’s old. 

%name Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

And simple. 

%name Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

It’s an eat-in kitchen and the bay window area is where the dining room table goes, but after months of eating there we realized it was just too small of a space for our family of 5. 

%name Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

As you can see everything is outdated and the colors were so dark and completely different from our last house, however, the house has some great potential. 

So I got to thinking about what I wanted for the space. 

Of course, all of the floors had to be ripped out and all of the popcorn ceiling had to be removed. The ceiling was done completely by my husband and the floors were done by him with some help from my dad. 

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Fixer Upper Kitchen Before 2 Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

Of course the minute you start removing stuff you start finding stuff… like patchwork on the ceiling and self leveling cement on your subfloors in your kitchen (that’s over a basement!). 

Fixer Upper Kitchen Before 4 Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

The one good thing we found was that there was not any animal damage on the kitchen and dining area floors that there were in other parts of the house. 

Fixer Upper Kitchen Before 3 Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

We wanted a clean slate with this house so we also removed any wall molding and even window sills. 

Fixer Upper Kitchen Progress 3 Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

Once all that was done I came up with a mood board. 

I saw this beautiful kitchen on Pinterest and I fell in LOVE!

Farmhouse “Cottage” Kitchen Plans

Fixer Upper Kitchen Mood Board Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

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You know I love the coastal farmhouse look, but this screamed Cottage Farmhouse and I think it will still go well with my blue and white accents and coastal feel. Plus our house is smaller in size than the last one and a cottage vibe would go perfect here. 

So I got started creating my look. 

And because we don’t have a huge budget and are paying as we go, we won’t be able to get really high end finishes and of course the work will mostly be done by us. So we made concessions in some areas and will be splurging a little in others. 

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Farmhouse “Cottage” Kitchen Plans- Sources: 

We found the farmhouse sink on super duper sale here. This thing is huge! And the best part about it is that even if we change up the kitchen later, this is something I can reuse. 

Instead of going with stone countertops we will be going with butcher block for now. It is much less expensive. We can install it ourselves and later on when we redo the kitchen we can always reuse them somewhere else. Plus it has that farmhouse and cottage feel in one! 

I found this faucet online and I think it will go perfect with the sink! 

So we got to work! 

The Latino Engineer began removing all the cabinet doors. 

Fixer Upper Kitchen Before 6 Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

What a sweetie! 

Look at all that dust! UGH!

Fixer Upper Kitchen Before 5 Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

Next, I began painting the cabinets with my tried and true method. 

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Fixer Upper Kitchen Progress 2 Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

This time instead of painting the cabinets white, I chose to paint it Earl Gray by Magnolia, but I got it color-matched at Sherwin Williams with my favorite cabinet paint. Check my detailed video here

Fixer Upper Kitchen Progress 5 Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

We painted the walls Shiplap by Magnolia as well and you can see instantly how much lighter everything looks! 

FIxer Upper Kitchen Progress 1 Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

Of course that is pretty much what we have done so far (with the exception of the floors, which is a whole ‘nother story!). 

We did get some cabinets ordered because we will be adding an island to where the dining area is supposed to be and moving the dining area to the living room, but I figured I can share all the details in another post. 

I will be sharing all about that next! So stay tuned! 

Let me know what you guys think about the plans so far!

I will see you guys in the next one. Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Plans

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  1. Beautiful! I love the cottage look! Love reading your posts. You two remind me of my husband and myself when we were younger; always improving, always doing the work ourselves. The satisfaction is huge! ?

  2. OMG I love the dining area for the dining tABLE and kitchen , great choice, continue having Fun decorating .

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