Replacing Interior Doors

Replacing Interior Doors 20 Replacing Interior Doors

Replacing Interior Doors

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I believe that the toughest jobs can be accomplished with the right tools.

Would you agree? 

I am really happy to finally be creating this post as it means that we have completed yet another huge project in our house – the interior doors. We have replaced all of them! ??

Most houses on the market come with builder grade doors and this house was no exception, except our doors were in really bad shape. They were old, dirty, smelly and just plain outdated. 

Just look for yourself…

Replacing Interior Doors 2 Replacing Interior Doors

These are the same doors you see in 90% of homes today. I mean, let’s be serious, those doors did NOT go with these windows…

Window Trim 12 Replacing Interior Doors

And then there was the door to the basement with the smallest “doggy” door in the world… we don’t have pets FYI. 

Also, brass knobs? No thanks! 

Replacing Interior Doors 1 Replacing Interior Doors

I was on a mission… a mission to customize our home by replacing our interior doors…. all of them! 

We have partnered with Woodgrain when we cased out our windows (shown above) and we have partnered again with them for this makeover as well. They have the best quality custom interior doors with an extensive selection of door patterns and styles to suit any home with any aesthetic. 

My husband and I decided to go with a more simple craftsman style door.

It’s simple but pairs beautifully with our cottage farmhouse style. It can also be used in more modern or transitional decor by simply painting them a color other than white. 

Either way the difference is amazing! 

Doors Before After Replacing Interior Doors

If you have ever considered replacing an interior door, two doors or even all the doors to your home the thought can seem pretty daunting, but I want you to know everything you need in order to start the process.

This tutorial will be in video format for you to get the best instruction possible, but I want to go over the tools you will need ahead of time.  

First thing’s first, doors come in slabs – this means the door will come in one solid piece. No hinges, no holes, no knobs… nada. You will need to do the rest. 

So, you will be drilling holes and making notches, but rest assured it’s simpler than you think. 


The first tool you need to know about is the door hinge kit and we use this one from Ryobi.  

Doors 6 Replacing Interior Doors

This will allow you to create a template for you to go over and notch out the where the hinge goes.  You will do this with a router. We own this one shown below. 

The hinge kit is adjustable to any hinge size and stays firm on your door while you notch it out. 

Doors 7 Replacing Interior Doors

We decided to replace our hinges so we went with these hinges to match our hardware. 

Doors 8 Replacing Interior Doors

If you measure everything correctly, you will get a perfect fit. 

Doors 9 Replacing Interior Doors

Before you do anything else you will need to hang the door back on to its frame. 

And then you will need another kit, a door lock installation kit.  This mechanism will allow you to place it on the door to fit the latch on the frame perfectly. We show you exactly how in the video below. 

Doors 11 Replacing Interior Doors

After your holes are done, you will need your final kit, a door latch installation kit. This will help create the template that will allow you to notch out the latch area. 

Doors 12 Replacing Interior Doors

You will need to use your router again for this. 

Doors 13 Replacing Interior Doors

Then it’s time to install your hardware. 

We chose these knobs and I am in love! The rectangular piece in the back mimics the pattern on our doors and I love that antique bronze look. We bought them here. 

Doors 10 Replacing Interior Doors

After that it was time to paint the doors and I used my trusty Sherwin Williams paint that I use for all of my cabinets and trim. 

Screen Shot 2021 01 05 at 12.42.06 AM Replacing Interior DoorsOnce they were dry my new doors were complete! 

Replacing Interior Doors 5 Replacing Interior Doors

Aren’t they so much better than what was there before? This seems like such a simple idea, but when you finally see how drastic a change a gorgeous well made door is in your home, it elevates everything else in the space!  

It’s no longer cookie cutter, builder grade blah… it’s a statement!

These doors are solid and heavy. They are built differently than builder grade doors since they are not made with particle board. They have an interior wood slat that is flanked by two thick MDF pieces in order to create the crispest lines when cutting the customized pattern on the doors. 

Replacing Interior Doors 3 Replacing Interior Doors

And it’s like those doorknobs were specifically made for those doors!

What’s even more exciting is that now that I have all of these architectural details added to my home, I can finally start transforming the rest of my rooms! 

Replacing Interior Doors 4 Replacing Interior Doors

And nothing speaks more than a side-by-side.  

I want to give my husband, The Latino Engineer, a huge shoutout. He was the lead in this project and I was his assistant and painter. I think he did an amazing job! 

Doors Before After Replacing Interior Doors

Now that you know what you need and are inspired, it’s time to get to work and if you have been thinking about doing this yourself, check out where you can find a location near you that offers custom interior doors by Woodgrain. 

Simply go HERE to check it out! 

Replacing Interior Doors: Video TUTORIAL

I hope you liked the new doors and perhaps you learned something new! We love sharing anything we can that may help you with fixing up your home and making it the house of your dreams. 

We will continue to learn and share the knowledge we gain along the way as we continue our journey. 

Don’t forget to share this with anyone you think will appreciate it. ?

Replacing Interior Doors 20 Replacing Interior Doors

I look forward to seeing you in the next one… until then, adios! 

Yami Signature Replacing Interior Doors


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