The Best Planner for 2017

new favorite pink wording 600x1024 The Best Planner for 2017

If you have been looking for the right planner to organize your daily routines and give you a better outlook on how to live your life and achieve your dreams, then look no further, because the best planner for 2017 is here..

Enter the Brilliant Life Planner created and designed by Beth Anne of Brilliant Business Moms. That beauty that you see above (and the exact one I ordered myself). Eeeeeek!

Believe me when I say that I have been looking for a planner that not only allows me to set my goals and tasks for each day (hour by hour, no less!), but also provides me with weekly mindset, intentions and personal goals that I list, track and ultimately achieve.

Because who doesn’t want to live a life with purpose and see it on paper too?!

I have personally interacted with Beth Anne myself throughout this year and I can tell you she is the most Brilliant (no pun intended) young woman I have met who not only provides a wealth of information, but does so with generosity and genuine pleasure that I have not been used to.

So I know that she has put forth an amazing product as a result of hard work, thought and much consideration.

Just look at these beauties!

all covers square ig The Best Planner for 2017

These are the 4 designs that myself and the rest of the launch team voted on. So I can vouch for it when I say you are getting the best planner for 2017. And you can get yours right here!

The Brilliant Life Planner “has a hard, durable cover that can be tossed into the back of your mini-van, covered in stickers, or used as a fort. No matter what your family puts it through, this planner will last” – Beth Anne.

Not only that, the planner has…

features time blocking v3 1024x512 The Best Planner for 2017


features pockets v3 1024x512 The Best Planner for 2017


features notes v3 1024x512 The Best Planner for 2017

…because all those other planners in your local stores just don’t have enough pages for notes!

What can I say? I have a lot on my mind!

But that is not all of its features! You see that beautiful orange sheet with that inspirational quote? You can remove it and frame it!

Can I get a heck yeah!?

That is just brilliant!

And still, that is not all you get. With your purchase, you also get the following bonuses

With every planner purchase, you’ll also receive a free PDF of her popular book for women, Time Management Mama, which focuses on pursuing your passions.

You also get access to a FREE LIVE video course with every planner purchase. From January 2 – 31, you get to learn her unique goal-setting process, the best time management tips, and how to get the most out of your Brilliant Life Planner.

Um, who else gives you a course with a planner????

No, one.


Nadie…. (that’s Spanish for no one)

And if that wasn’t enough! You also get additional PDF planner pages with your own business in mind.

So if I haven’t convinced you that this is the best planner for 2017, read on….

In addition, 10% of her proceeds will get donated to helping kids with disabilities get placed and adopted in amazing and loving homes. So you are helping a beautiful cause!

I know I convinced you now!

So go and check out the page now, cause the price will be going up once it hits her shop!

Just click the image below….

What are ya waiting for?

4 covers wording v2 1024x536 The Best Planner for 2017

Tell me, what would be able to do if you had a planner as amazing as this?Yami Sig The Best Planner for 2017

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