The New Cricut Joy Xtra

The New Cricut Joy Xtra 200x300 The New Cricut Joy XtraThe New Cricut Joy Xtra

Hello there! I hope this week finds you well.  Today I am sharing a fun announcement about a new machine, the new Cricut Joy Xtra, which is being released in the next few days. I was contacted by Cricut to review this new machine and give my honest opinion and I thought I would share some of the features it has in this post.

My full video review is below and you can see how I demonstrate a few projects and some of its features. 


The first thing I will say that I love about this new machine is its size. With my current living situation, I simply cannot have any bulky machines in my space and this one is larger than the Joy, but smaller than my Cricut Maker so that is a huge bonus! 

The New Cricut Jpoy Xtra 1 200x300 The New Cricut Joy Xtra

It has great capabilities. You can cut over 50 types of materials and you will only need ONE blade! No more switching out and having to keep track of them, which is one less hassle and another way to save space. 

It is white and light. The machine was designed with movability in mind so you can easily pick it up and take it (and store it) anywhere. The simple white color allows it to fit into any space no matter what color scheme you have going on. 

The New Cricut Jpoy Xtra 2 300x225 The New Cricut Joy Xtra

The Joy Xtra has more robust capabilities. Unlike the regular Joy, you can print then cut with this one! Game changer! I had never been able to do that before since the original sticker paper used to get stuck in my printer.

They have fixed that problem and now I can create amazing labels and stickers. 

The New Cricut Jpoy Xtra 3 300x225 The New Cricut Joy Xtra

Speaking of stickers, I gave the new waterproof stickers a try and made these name labels for my kids’s schools bottles. I can honestly say they have been using these for over a week and the stickers still look as good as new. I hand wash only though, keep that in mind.*

The New Cricut Jpoy Xtra 4 300x225 The New Cricut Joy Xtra

Also, with this machine you can create custom cards so easily as well! This was actually my first time creating an insert card and using the card template and premade images already on Cricut Design space, I made the “baby” theme card above in just a couple of minutes. 

The New Cricut Jpoy Xtra 1 200x300 The New Cricut Joy Xtra

Of course these are only a few features of this new machine. Something else that is great about it, is that it connects to your computer, phone and/or iPad by bluetooth. One less cord to have to worry about! 

You can always check out my video for a even more information and features and you can also head over to Cricut’s website for even more information on the launch of the new Cricut Joy Xtra. 

And finally for those who have always been hesitant to invest in a Cricut you will be surprised to know that the Joy Xtra, is not much more than the Joy and quite a bit less than both the Maker and the Explore.

Another win in my book! 

Let me know what you think of this preview! 

I hope you are well and I will see you in the next one. Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature 300x161 The New Cricut Joy Xtra



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