We moved… yes you heard right.

We moved pin We moved... yes you heard right.
Hello friends!

I am sure this title may have come as a shock to you since I just shared my entire house tour with you.

You can watch those tours, here, here and here.

Well, the truth is that this has been on our minds since almost a year ago… yes, that LONG.

I just never mentioned anything because we didn’t know if and when it would even be a possibility. We actually loved the area we lived in and we didn’t move out of it, luckily. We were ready for a change though… a completely different lifestyle. We just didn’t know exactly what that lifestyle was until we started considering other places to live.

And boy did we look…. We saw so many places even before we were ready to put our house up for sale. We didn’t want to make a hasty decision and then find ourselves in this situation a couple more years down the road.

One thing we were certain of… our house was too big (is that even a thing?).

Yes, I said it. TOO BIG. 

We found ourselves only using half of the 5,120 square feet of home that we lived in and frankly in our eyes that was just unnecessary. We did however, want a bigger yard. MUCH bigger.

I longed for a garden (even though I have a black thumb) and a place where I can have the kids playing outside where I would not have to worry about them getting hit by a speedy neighbor… yep, we had those. ?

We also wanted a different lifestyle, a little more traditional, a little more authentic.

And let’s face it, you can add as much farmhouse decor and design into a suburban house and it just won’t actually be a farmhouse people!

A few months ago I shared the image below on my Instagram. This picture is of a well to a 2.5 acre property we absolutely fell in love with.

Farmhouse Well We moved... yes you heard right.


Of course, the price was out of our range and the property went under “pending sale” shortly after we saw it.

We were bummed. 

Then it fell through…. and then it was back under “pending sale” again.

This time we were devastated. 

Life was over as we knew it (because by this time our house was up for sale and we couldn’t go back!).

However, we put our faith in God and HE always comes through for us.

I can happily say that we are now owners of that property and our well looks like this now…

Famrhouse Well 1 We moved... yes you heard right.


It’s like the perfect space to capture all the seasons right?

Don’t worry, it’s kid safe. 

Of course we go into a lot more detail as to what we had to go through to find and buy this home in my “Where Have I Been” video on my Youtube channel (linked below) that you are welcome to watch.

There were so.many.hurdles…..



But I am glad to say we are here and we are happy.

Even though we only had 4 days to move.

I also shared our move and saying our final goodbye to our last house. In addition, the sellers of the house we purchased left us something that we could have totally lived WITHOUT in our new home. It’s actually pretty gross. ?

You can get all of those details (including the grossness) in the video below as well.

Oh and we have already hit the ground running with renovations cause this is a true fixer upper so I will be back very soon with more!

Yami Signature We moved... yes you heard right.

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  1. What the cuss?! I am so surprised but totally get it. Super excited for all of you, what your new lifestyle brings, all the DIY’s and all the new photos you are going to share with us! Congratulations!

    1. It looks like someone hasn’t been checking out my Instagram posts… ?… ahem… totally caught! ?. We are so happy Cindy!!! We love it here and I can’t wait to share all about it. ?

  2. This is so exciting!!! Love that you have acreage! I totally look forward to your fixer upper posts. Off to view that video now…. :)s

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