D.I.Y. Soft Closing Cabinets

Let’s face it, no one likes cabinet doors that slam loudly. But you can only get soft-closing cabinets in a new kitchen, right? WRONG!!!! I am here to tell you that you can get soft-closing cabinets a-la-cheap in your very own kitchen and I will show you how with this quick little tutorial….

Soft Close Cabinets 1024x680 D.I.Y. Soft Closing Cabinets

Materials for this project:

SC Cabinets 1 1024x680 D.I.Y. Soft Closing Cabinets

Here is a close up of the front. It has a rubber end for your door.

SC Cabinet 3 1024x680 D.I.Y. Soft Closing Cabinets

And here is the back… It has an adjuster so that you can adjust how far you need to the rubber damper to come out to match up to your cabinet doors.

SC Cabients 4 1024x680 D.I.Y. Soft Closing Cabinets

Then basically all you do is place them inside your cabinet door where you would like them to stay and drill the screw into the cabinet side wall through the opening on the damper. We chose to place them right under the bottom hinge for easier accessibility in case we need to adjust at a later time.

SC Cabinet 6 680x1024 D.I.Y. Soft Closing Cabinets

Here is a close-up of how the screw goes in.

SC Cabinets7 1024x680 D.I.Y. Soft Closing Cabinets

We were so psyched after we got all the doors done! I know, it’s the little things.

You can even add these cabinet dampers to your drawers so they too will shut quietly. 

Trust me, this is quick, super easy, and there is hardly anything to clean up in the end, plus it is super affordable! Now we enjoy our quiet kitchen, which is only the beginning of our upcoming kitchen transformation. If you didn’t know these existed, now you do, so go get them. You’ll be glad you did!

DIY Soft Closed Cabinets Pin 735x1024 D.I.Y. Soft Closing Cabinets

Hope you learned a little something today!TLND NEW SIG D.I.Y. Soft Closing Cabinets


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    1. Hello Lanisha! We did not use these in our drawers as these did not work with our particular drawers, but I am sure they are made for drawers as well.

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