How We Filter Our Water – The Berkey Filter

How we filter our well water How We Filter Our Water   The Berkey Filter

*This is a sponsored post. The Berkey Water Filter was gifted to us. Please see full disclosure here.* 

Hey there again! 

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s easy DIY Christmas Tree T-shirt. I have been getting lots of great feedback on my video which makes me so happy….☺️

However, today we are talking about something a little more serious. 

Our water…

As you all know we moved into this house a couple of months ago and it has a well water system – something that was very new to us. We had never dealt with well water before so we were clueless as to what it might mean for us. 

Besides the obvious…

No water bill! Woot woot!

And while it is a rather cute feature to look at, we definitely wanted to make sure we were getting the cleanest possible water for us to consume. 

Yes, the well is completely safe for our kids. There is no long vertical hole in the ground where a scary lady with long dark hair might crawl out. We checked. ?

Farmhouse Well How We Filter Our Water   The Berkey Filter

Our house does have a filtering system for the well water that feeds all our faucets, showers and toilets, but we began doing some research on what might be found in our water naturally and we definitely wanted to do something more for the safety of our family.

Because my water is not cleaned by the city, there are many mineral deposits that can be found in my well water, aside from natural pathogens.

Other things that could be found in our water include:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Heavy Metals
  • Micro-Organisms 

And many more… as a matter of fact, you can find everything a Berkey filters out here. And it’s kinda scary the stuff that can be found in your water. ?

Oh and the stuff you can find also applies to city water, not just well water. 

We definitely knew we wanted to select the best possible option for filtering our water and the Berkey was it. Whether it was price per gallon, ease of use, filtration capabilities, filter life, aesthetics (since it is a large filter system), daily output, to being the least wasteful… you name it, Berkey was on top every time.

So you can imagine how excited we were to partner with Berkey and try it out for ourselves and it did not disappoint!!!

how we filter our well water 1 How We Filter Our Water   The Berkey Filter


Isn’t she a beaut? ? She fits perfectly on my IKEA hack table that I transformed at the last house. 

We have the Royal Berkey system that holds up to 3.25 gallons at a time a fits a 4-6 person household and as you can see it’s not terribly large (as you compare it to my hubby’s coffee maker… I have a cappuccino machine, cause ?I’m so fancy ?)

Oh and don’t worry, Berkey has filtration systems for all size households, so you can find the right one for your needs. 

The Royal Berkey system comes with everything you need to set it up. And we (the hubby does most of the work, I mostly talk ?) share just how easy it is to do in our video below. 

How We Filter Our Water – The Berkey Filter

I hope this helps you get a little more information on what is available out there as a water filtration system, in case you have been considering a switch to something more robust. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask below! 

And as always, please feel free to PIN and share with your friends!  

How we filter our water The Berkey Filter LP How We Filter Our Water   The Berkey Filter

And I will see you back here soon! 


Yami Signature How We Filter Our Water   The Berkey Filter


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