Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Farmhouse Kitchen Progress Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Hello friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Our first full week of summer vacation has started out great and I am ready to continue tackling our kitchen. 

If you have been following along, you know that I shared my mood board for my kitchen. I also explained all of the plans for the kitchen which I am so excited about. I also listed all of the sources in you like anything you see. 

Fixer Upper Kitchen Mood Board Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

One of the things I mentioned was that we were changing the layout of the rooms in the house. 

The former dining area will now have an island. We ordered them from a local cabinet company (B2B Cabinet) here in North Georgia. They were fast and had amazing prices. 

I wanted a dual sided island that would give me the most storage. The cabinets needed to be no more than 36″ x 60″ due to the size of the eat-in area.

I have also been wanting drawers in my kitchen forever. I have never had large drawers so I wanted to make sure they included that as well. So the cabinet company created this for me:

The Island

%name Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

And because of the size of the measurements, I could only have upper cabinets on the back side. 

%name Farmhouse Kitchen Progress


But that was fine with me. I will have a countertop overhang on that side since I do want an eating area on the island. 2 beautiful legs will hold up the countertop. That will still work out well since I will only be storing items that I don’t use that often in those cabinets. This will then free up space in the main kitchen area where I do use items frequently. 

Here is a kitchen island that is already done to give you an idea of what the island will look like with the legs. 

Screen Shot 2020 05 20 at 5.16.51 PM Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Here is what the island looks like right now.

The Latino Engineer made platform boxes to raise the upper cabinets on the left to match the counter height ones. And the island may look off center now, but it will all be centered once the counter top with the overhang on the left side is installed. 


Farmhouse Kitchen Progress Post 3 Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

The Latino Engineer will add outlets on either side of the island (good thing he has an electrical background). We will cover the side seams with shiplap. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Progress Post 4 Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Aren’t those drawers pretty? 

They still need hardware and I plan on having them match the ones I purchased for the rest of the main kitchen, but I think I need to tweak the ones for the drawers. They are too small for them. 

By the way, those floors are made from plywood (tutorial coming soon!)

Farmhouse Kitchen Progress Post 5 Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Here’s what it looks like from farther away. 

You can see there are still some floors yet to be finished and that is our breakfast table you see in front of the island temporarily. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Progress Post 1 Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

The kitchen has no pantry, so the plan is to add one to the wall you see on the right. We will build it ourselves. It won’t be too deep but it will be the entire length and height of the wall so it will be a good size.

It may not even be done this year, but that is definitely going to happen.

Kitchen Pantry Area Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

The New Layout 

So where do we put the dining area?

Right here.

This is actually the living area of the home, but right now we spend all of our time in the sunroom. I think this area will be perfect for a dining room since it’s right off the kitchen. It’s a great size so there will still be space for a proper entrance to the house. 

Plus lots of houses have the formal dining right near the entrance so it still makes sense. 

New Dining Area Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Of course this leaves us with no real main living space. 

Truth be told, the minute we did our first viewing this house, The Latino Engineer and I knew the house was short one living space.  We both agreed that turning the garage into living space would be the best idea… and then I came up with this! 

I want to add 2 cased openings on either side of the fireplace. I want to modify the fireplace into a dual faced fireplace and have a step down into a large living room (currently the garage).

He loved the idea! 

Fireplace Cased Opening Mockup Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

I think that would look darling with a dining table and chandelier in front no?

Anyways that is not going to happen anytime soon, but it at least shows you the big picture of what we plan on doing here and how it’s all going to come together. So for now, TV time is in the sunroom.

But that’s totally something we can live with! 

So that is what we have been doing here at the “farmhouse”. It’s been so much easier to write about now that I am taking it one room at a time. 

What do you think of the progress so far? I can’t wait to share more with you all! Hopefully the next time I share an update the cabinet doors will be painted (but I won’t hold my breath!). 

Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature Farmhouse Kitchen Progress


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  1. Do ideas just “pop” into your heads? Or do you look at magazines or certain sites on the internet? Love your idea board.
    That would be a helpful video. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you! I like to browse magazines, Instagram and Pinterest and then I take all the elements I like and put them together on a Mood Board in order to see if they will work cohesively. I tweak it until I get the final look I want and am happy with. This one, however, came really easy to me and I do have a video on how to create your own mood board without expensive software (totally free) and without any experience. You can check it out here

  2. I love your video and vision. I’m in the middle of a whole house flooring and kitchen remodel too! I saw your video last night on painting your cabinets and it is one of the best ones out there – so thank you!!!

    Maybe I’m jumping ahead, but what light grey color do you plan to use? I want my island light grey and my cabinets white.

    Also, the light you have on your board is what I was thinking of putting over my dining room table! 🙂

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