Pottery Barn White Sofa Look For Less

pottery barn sofa look for less Pottery Barn White Sofa Look For Less

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So as you already know, I like to have a nice and beautiful home, but there are 2 factors, hindering this severely.

  1. I have 3 kids, 5 years and under. My house is never “guest ready”.
  2. I am a SAHM mom and while I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor from both of my blogs I still cannot afford ALL the things that I wish I could. Plus, it has never really been in my nature to spend ridiculous amounts of money on things I can live without…. oh, but they’re still pretty to look at. 😉

One of the things I am trying to do is give my home a facelift. I feel as if no matter how much I try I still cannot get things to look the way I want them to. Currently, we only have one living area on the main floor since the den is being used as an office/craft room/playroom at the moment.

And we have had this big sectional in our family room since we moved in.

Living Before Paint 2 1024x680 Pottery Barn White Sofa Look For Less

WOW. Has this room seen a change?! I am almost embarrassed to show that! Paint samples and all – you can even see my little guy taking a nap on it… #justkeepinitreal

Since this photo was taken we have gotten rid of the leather recliner and painted the walls.

Unfortunately my kids have used the heck out of that sofa, spilled drinks on it and jumped on it to the point that some cushions just aren’t the same anymore. So, since this is the room we sit with guests, I decided we needed to do something to it to make it look a little more sophisticated, but kid friendly.

We have 2 (even older) couches in the basement which haven’t gotten much use since we moved in, and they are a doodoo brown that I am NOT super fond of.

I decided to bring them up and take the sectional downstairs to the basement (and get it steam cleaned in the near future). It’s a completely finished basement and super cool in the summer. We plan on using it more this year – we haven’t in the past because since moving in 3 1/2 years ago, I gave birth 2 times and it was kinda hard using another level of the house with the kids being so little.

My littlest is now almost 2 years old so hopefully we can use it more now.

Pottery Barn White Sofa Look For Less Pottery Barn White Sofa Look For Less

Now, with these 2 couches I was faced with 2 more problems:

  1. The couches don’t match the new decor.
  2. The kids will most likely spill stuff on it.

Dilemmas, dilemmas, and more dilemmas….

So I decided to look online for some slipcovers that don’t look like blankets hanging over my sofas.

And after hours of searching, low and behold I found some!

I searched based on 3 things:

  1. Color – I needed a color that matched my gray walls and I love these beautiful white pottery barn couches and I thought it would be cool to replicate. I know what you are thinking… white? Really, you just said you have some messy kids, right? Well, yes. But I LOVE white blankets, white bath rugs, white towels, white dining chairs…. my parents think I’m kinda crazy, but I like how they remind me of being on a vacation in a hotel by the beach and they can be BLEACHED! Yes, bleached. Oh yeah, get those nasty stains and germs right off with BLEACH.  Ha!
  2. Price – I wasn’t looking for anything pricey cause if that was the case I might as well be buying new couches.
  3. Durability – I needed something that could withstand A LOT of washing and ironing (cause there is no way I am putting wrinkled slipcovers on my sofas).

Finally, I found this white Surefit slipcover that I liked, however, I needed 2 of them so I knew I would be spending over $200 for sure and I wanted to keep it under that number… so I did a little more digging and actually found almost the exact same white slipcover from the same company in Bed Bath & Beyond FOR LESS!  You cannot purchase them at the stores, only online. 

And I was even able to use the 20% off coupon, plus I got FREE shipping! They arrived super fast and I couldn’t wait to try them on.

I was so pleased and relieved they didn’t suck!

Pottery Barn White Sofa Look For Less 1 Pottery Barn White Sofa Look For Less

The best part about them is that they fit just fine, even with a little bit of extra fabric to make up for different sofa designs – the video they have on their site shows you how to tuck away the excess.

The fabric is twill which is a jean material. While it is not as thick as regular jeans it is durable and you can’t see the brown from underneath. BONUS!

My kids actually like the new look and surprisingly enough they don’t jump on these. We had a “talk” and they understand that these are the “nice” couches. It’s actually a nice feeling because it does feel like we have “new” furniture.

And they do channel Pottery Barn so this mama is happy!

Definitely check these out if you have been searching for an inexpensive way to update your sofas. I highly recommend them!

I have made a few more changes in this room, so stay tuned. I hope you enjoyed this simple makeover with a huge impact.

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