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I wanted this really cute lamp for my baby girl’s nursery, but I wanted it to be either glass or crystal and right now those are just too over-priced! I was looking online for inspiration and I saw something that caught my eye. It was a makeover of a crystal lamp! I knew I wanted something semi-traditonal, with a little bit of contemporary and a girly twist of course. So, I headed out to an antique store about 30 minutes away from home in search of the perfect find! And this is what I found for only $8.00 (please note: always make sure they test any electrical items at an antique store before buying – you don’t want to take it home and it not work!).

DSC 0272 680x1024 Nursery Lamp

I thought it was adorable, but the brass had to go. So I took the thing apart…

DSC 0274 1024x680 Nursery Lamp

I could have sworn I took photos of when I taped it up! But I searched and I can’t find them anywhere! So, anyways, I taped the cord and the glass and only left the metal portions of the lamp exposed. I primed with Rust-O-Leum’s metal primer and then I spray painted it with Rust-O-Leum’s gloss white. Then I went to my local Garden Ridge in search of a new lamp shade. And I found a white one with a hot pink detail for only…. $6.00!

I screwed all of the pieces back together, put the new lampshade on and viola!!!!! A new one-of-a-kind lamp for my baby’s room for only $14.00!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!

DSC 0352 1024x680 Nursery Lamp

Totally cute! What do you think????


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