Thrifted Tray Transformation

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Hello dear friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We of course spent it at home, but at least we were still able to enjoy mass. Technology can be a beautiful thing. 

We spent the day indoors since it was rainy all day. But it was nice to spend a day relaxing at home since most of the time all we do is work, work and work on the renovations. My dad came up this weekend to help my husband with the installation of our floors. I hope to share more of that soon as well. 

And of course, I took the opportunity to catch up on my blogging since I am a couple of blog posts behind from my channel. 

And then there is the news that I never actually officially shared!

I opened my online shop finally! It’s not much, but I am just happy it is done and I cannot wait to add more items to the store. 

Okay so for the DIY.. I decided to join my dear friend Casey in her Trash to Treasure challenge on Youtube and create something beautiful out of something you would consider trash or you would normally get rid of. 

I had this tray that I bought from Goodwill several years ago and thought about taking it back a few times. 

Thrift Store Tray Transformation Thrifted Tray Transformation
It was actually one of my first DIYs on this blog. As you can see my style was WAYYYY different back then. 

This was a piece I did for my daughter’s room but she never really used it and the paint job got pretty dingy after a while. Of course, I didn’t really know what I was doing back then. LOL! 

My husband was in need of a small tray on his nightstand to gather his trinkets… ya know, ring, wallet, the spoon he loves to eat Peanut Butter out of late at night. 

Yes, he totally does that. Ugh. ?

I thought this would be perfect for it. So the first thing I did was take it apart.

Thrift Store Tray Transformation 2 Thrifted Tray Transformation

I gave it a coat of Debi Design Diary’s clay based paint in Apothecary. This paint is so rich and pigmented you only need one coat. 

Thrift Store Tray Transformation 3 Thrifted Tray Transformation

My husband loves the John Wick movies and we both appreciate the tattoo on his back that reads” Fortune Favors the Bold” in Latin. 

So I thought this would totally be appropriate since it would be on his nightstand. 

Thrift Store Tray Transformation 5 Thrifted Tray Transformation


I simply adhered the decal (I use this vinyl) to nice poster board and taped it to the tray piece that went right under the glass.

At least this way if I ever want to change the decal it will be super easy to do so. This decal is actually available in my shop as well. 

Thrift Store Tray Transformation 4 Thrifted Tray Transformation

I put the tray back together and applied a coat of Debi’s clear wax. It brings out the color and protects it nicely. I simply used a lint free cloth to apply it. 

Thrift Store Tray Transformation 7 Thrifted Tray Transformation

Then I added a little bit of Debi’s white wax also to give it an aged coastal look. 

Thrift Store Tray Transformation 6 Thrifted Tray Transformation

And that was pretty much it. 

Thriftd Tray Transformation Fortune Thrifted Tray Transformation

I love the color and the bold words. And at least it’s not too girly for his side of the bed. 

Also, along with this tray transformation I created 3 other DIYs…

That frame on the top left is actually a cheap black plastic frame from Dollar Tree that I gave a facelift to and made look just like wood. You can actually create that effect on anything! 

T2T March 2020 images Thrifted Tray Transformation

I share what I use and the exact steps to do it in the video below. 

I hope you liked this quick tray  makeover. Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot to make something beautiful again. In this case I could have easily donated this or thrown it out, but I decided to give it another chance. 

And I am glad I did. 

Thrifted Tray Transformation Pin Thrifted Tray Transformation
 See you in the next one. Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature Thrifted Tray Transformation



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  1. Yami, Get out of town girl. First love the tray. Second John Wick rocks. Watch all the time over and over and over.
    Also love your blog.
    Keep safe.

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