February’s Round Up

Can you believe it’s March already? The older I get the faster these months go. My parents weren’t kidding! But since February’s over, this can only mean one thing, another round up of all my posts from the previous month.

And of course beer, cause St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner….. did you think I’d leave that out???

So February…..It was actually a pretty busy month, which is probably why it went so fast! I was proud to have a nice little combination of things to share so as to not let things get boring. This was definitely my most engaging month so far. I exceeded my goal for website views which was frickin’ awesome and received lots of feedback from my regular readers which really do mean the world to me. SERIOUSLY. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! It means so much that you actually take the time to read all the stuff I come up with and do around the casa. With that said, here are those awesome posts in case you missed out.

Oh, and I realized that I actually put in one of my February’s projects in January’s round up, but I still included it here cause my baby girl is so stinking cute!

Februarys Round Up  1024x1024 Februarys Round Up1. The first post was a tutorial on how to create the cutest DIY Sequin Heart Tee for your child for Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to be an expert sewer and the tools and supplies are so inexpensive, why wouldn’t you give it a try? And now that St. Patty’s Day is coming along you could even do a cute 4 leaf clover! Awesome-sauce! Finished DIY Sequined Heart Tee Collage 1024x1024 Februarys Round Up

2. The next post was about our version of the best Pico de Gallo ever! I share the recipe and talk a little about why it is special to us (insert awwwwww here).  You should definitely try it out!

Pico De Gallo Complete with Shadow 735x1024 Februarys Round Up3. This one was our king bed transformation – one of our best buys on Craigslist. The bed only cost us $150.00 and it was so worth it because with a new can of paint we made it tie in perfectly with our current master bedroom furniture.

King Bed Makeover 2 1024x788 Februarys Round Up4.  Keeping with the theme for Valentine’s Day, I also shared a cute little idea on how to make a last minute Valentine’s Day gift that any plant lover would love and all for under $10! The best thing is you can totally make this for yourself. I even give you the source list with prices. You just can’t beat how cute it is.

Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Idea 4 680x1024 Februarys Round Up

5. The next one was a little different (to say the least) but I got a lot of people talking about it. It was about a tea I used to drink to help with menstrual cramps when I was younger. It was made out of onion peels folks! Nope, not kidding! Read more about it here.

Onion Tea Vertical Pin 680x1024 Februarys Round Up

6. And this next one was the longest photographic session EVER! I wrote about 9 different ways you can style the $9.99 Bittergurka planter box which I am so totally in love with.

I can actually spell that now without even cheating….. Like a BOSS!

Regardless of how long I took taking pictures though, I am glad I did this post. It really got me thinking creatively and I think my photography skills improved a bit.

Ikea Planter 9 different ways sig 1024x1024 Februarys Round Up

7. This post was a little different. I was doing some reflecting one day about the things that lie ahead in my life and I realized I should be sharing my thoughts with you guys.

Well, the clean ones anyways….

With 3 kids I don’t get much time to myself and frankly I enjoy the little bit of quiet time I do get late at night while everyone is sleeping. I figure this is another way I can connect with my readers. Consider yourself my BFF and I will be dishing this kind of stuff more regularly…. whether you like it or not…. cause that’s what BFF’s do. You can read my thoughts here. Oh and I also shared a little sneak peak of my dining room.

Dining Room Update 680x1024 Februarys Round Up

8. Okay, here we are at my sweetest post – the easiest donuts you will ever make, EVER! Not much needs to be said here other than, “Have you tried them yet?” If not, you’re missing out. Just sayin!

Easiest Donuts Frame 1024x804 Februarys Round Up

9. And last there was the china cabinet transformation and dining room reveal which was my most popular post for the month. Thanks for all of the love! You can enjoy those pretty before and afters here.

China Cabinet After with Chairs 1024x680 Februarys Round Up

And there you have it! A full month indeed! I hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed sharing. And if you happened to miss something be sure to check it out and let me know what you think as I always love to get your feedback on stuff. You can always subscribe to the little box on your right so that you can receive post updates directly in your inbox whenever I have something new for you as well.

And just as a heads up, I will say that the month of March might not be as active as February simply because I have some behind the scenes stuff going on and some new projects in the works that I hope to share with you all very soon! So stay tuned because my life is about to get a whole lot busier. I’m good with that though! REALLY!

Until the next post folks!

Yami Sig 300x208 Februarys Round Up




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