Building a Farmhouse – Episode 1 Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground 200x300 Building a Farmhouse   Episode 1 Breaking Ground


Hola familia! Today is a great day because we can finally share the beginning of our journey as we build our forever farmhouse on our land in Tennessee. 

The wait is over and I am so overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions right now. At times it seemed like this day would never come. And the amount of trials we went through to get here were plenty. 

Nelson has taken a lead on this and I am grateful that he has been able to do so as this is one huge undertaking. We decided to sit down and have a chat with you all to address the most asked question that we have gotten since moving to our land.

1 3 300x225 Building a Farmhouse   Episode 1 Breaking GroundThere were definitely a lot of things we learned about starting this journey and why we particularly took so much time in getting this project moving. 

2 3 300x225 Building a Farmhouse   Episode 1 Breaking Ground

I will say that it was so amazing seeing equipment on our land and finally breaking ground and seeing movement and a change in the landscape. The weather has been something we have had to work around and we hope that since soon Spring will be here, things should start moving a lot faster.  

3 3 300x225 Building a Farmhouse   Episode 1 Breaking Ground

Each new video/post about our build, will be a new episode and all of these blog posts will be categorized under “Building our Farmhouse” for quick and easy reference. 

I look forward to sharing many progress images, but I will be more detailed in our videos as it will be easier to convey ideas and the process of things as they move along via video. 

Be sure to check out this first video below. We sit down and chat over all that has led us to this point so we hope you can sit back and relax as we go over all of the details. There are also some amazing drone shots of our property toward the end of the video you may enjoy. 

Since we have a lot of things to say in our video, I figured I would keep this first episode of the build on the blog short and sweet so you can dive into the video below right away. 

I will be back here soon with more! 

Until then…adios! 

Yami Signature 300x161 Building a Farmhouse   Episode 1 Breaking Ground

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  1. Ok, I’m in for the long haul. Been there twice building both homes that we contracted ourselves.
    You can go on my old blogspot and see our forever home that we sold almost 8 years ago.
    Now we live in our 40 foot RV south in the winter and our 40 foot boat up north in the summer.
    Lots of memories to be made by the two of you. Best wishes.

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