Tiny Home Update- Walls, Storms and Paint

Tiny Home Update Walls Storms and Ceilings 200x300 Tiny Home Update  Walls, Storms and Paint

Tiny Home Update- Walls, Storms and Paint

Hey there familia! It has been a little while since I have written a new post, but the past couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy with my entire family being sick with all kinds of colds, fevers, food poisonings, ear infections… you name it. I have been trying to handle it as best I can, but frankly I am at my wits end. 

I just want us all to get back to our happy, normal, healthy selves. The amount of stress to finish the cottage I am sure is not helping.

Oh yeah, and when I speak of “the cottage” I am referring to the Youtube studio/tiny home. It’s many less syllables to have to say and when we, as a family, refer to it we always call it the cottage at the farm. Plus, I think it’s quite fitting as I do want it to have that cottage charm. 

And speaking of the cottage, things have been looking up. Literally and figuratively. When I shared the last update, we had just finished installing the ceiling

I go over everything in much more detail in this Youtube video. 

1 300x225 Tiny Home Update  Walls, Storms and Paint

When I shared the ceiling on my Youtube channel, I asked everyone what I should do with the ceiling as I was having bit of a hard time trying to figure out whether I should leave it or stain it somehow. All I knew was that the yellow from the pine was going to bug me if I didn’t do anything about it. 

Almost everyone said whitewash it. So I took everyone’s advice. And boy was it a doozy. I often thought I had completely lost my mind and shouldn’t have started the whitewashing, but ultimately I finished the ceiling and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it turned out. 

I will say, I do not recommend whitewashing a ceiling at 8 months pregnant. Not fun. Trust me on this one. 

2 300x225 Tiny Home Update  Walls, Storms and Paint

Of course, our progress had to be hindered by one of the strongest storms our area had experienced. When we were ready to cover the walls, we had a terrible storm come through that took 90 percent of our county’s electricity. We lost power for 3 days and had to do our best to work with our generator. 

We had a ton of power lines down, transformers that had blown, fallen trees, storm damage…. you name it. It was a rough week for our community. 

When it rains it pours I tell ya. Of course, we had to keep going. 

3 300x225 Tiny Home Update  Walls, Storms and Paint

The next thing on our agenda was covering the insulation up. So for the walls we chose to go with shiplap paneling instead of drywall. We chose this because drywall would have been too time consuming and expensive. We could have installed it, but then would have needed to hire someone out to mud, tape and sand it. The price of that would have been too high. 

Using the paneling simplified things for us. All we had to do was install it and caulk the seams. And that was done by both myself and Nelson. No need to hire anyone out. 

To see a better glimpse of what we had to endure and what we accomplished, check out the video below. It gives a better idea of how everything transpired over those few weeks. 


 We have been working non-stop since then and have more updates coming your way. Don’t forget to tune in and I will see you soon! 

Also, our LIVE online baby shower will be held September 24th at 6 PM CST. We hope to see you there! 

Until then… adios!

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