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Home Decor Thrifted Haul

Today I am so happy to be able to share a new thrift haul. It has been months since I have been to a thrift store and actually purchased something… and my goodness, it feels so good! 

We went back to Georgia to spend a few days with my parents and on one of those days, I took my mom and the kids out thrifting to some of her local thrift stores. My dad doesn’t really care to go thrift shopping and due to my mom’s health she doesn’t really go out much at all on her own, so it was nice to get to take her out and shop all day for a change. 

She has some amazing thrift shops where she lives and it was exactly the trip that I needed to lift my spirits a bit. 

With the daunting task of getting the Youtube Studio/tiny house completed in 3 months all the while living in a camper with 3 kids and a husband, as well as being pregnant in my second trimester…. it has been a little stressful. I try to manage it all with a positive attitude and as best as I can, but I am only human. 

Sometimes a little shopping is good for the soul. 

If you would rather watch (or listen to this make sure to see the video with the haul). Click here or scroll to the end of the post. ⬇️

On the first thrift stop, we went to the smallest of the 3 locations. This one is a great thrift store since it takes its proceeds and helps battered women. 

Here I was able to pick up a basket which would be so nice to have for the bathroom in the cottage so that I can put hand towels or toiletries in. 

9 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

I found a small frame ($2) for a picture that one of my neighbors gave me earlier when we first moved to the property. My neighbor is an amazing painter and this is a digital print of one of her original works of art. It’s lovely and I think the frame is going to be perfect. 

1 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

I also picked up a brass candlestick for $3. I think this will be so lovely on one of the builtins I have planned for the fireplace area in the living space. 

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16 copy 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

The last piece I picked up was this long basket for only $1. I think this will be perfect for serving things like muffins or homemade bread rolls for dinner. 

15 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

The next stop was more of a consignment/antiques shop with different vendors. At this stop I scored really big! 

I have been looking for the longest time for a blue and white dinner setting. I am trying to be as thrifty as possible so I was on the hunt for something classic that I could afford instead of something really expensive and old. 

As I walked I came around this set in one of the booths. I took a closer look and realized it was a 12 place setting! Not only was it more than enough plates, but it was also only $55 for the entire thing. There was one teacup missing and a couple of the plates have some scratches but I just could not pass them up. 

I cannot wait until I get to use them. 

4 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

I also ended up taking home this vintage egg beater. It still works really smoothly and it has practically no rust on it at all, compared to other ones I have come across. So naturally it came home with me. This only cost $12. 

3 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

Lastly, my mother thought these would look really cute in the kitchen of the studio so she bought them for me as a gift. The most interesting thing about these is that these are actually metal even though they look like real wood. 

12 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

At the last place, which was another consignment shop, I only purchased a couple of items. First off are these 3 small bowls. These aren’t vintage and only cost me $4 for all 3, but I loved the blue and white and thought they would be perfect for salsa or dip. 

10 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

The other piece is a little more unique. It’s an actual milk glass bottle with screw top with a blue toile print on the face of it. I had never seen anything like it, but can’t you see it filled with lotion in a bathroom? Oh, it’s so darling and it only cost $9. 

8 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

7 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

BUT WAIT! There’s more… 

There is one really special piece that I ended up getting at the first place, but I actually didn’t get it on my first stop. This antique high chair caught my eye, however, we did not have a way right away to take it back home with us.

I tried to get a hold of Nelson while I was shopping to figure out what to do, but he was tied up at work and was not able to respond before we had to leave to go to the next shop. Since there was only 1.5 hours before the store closed I figured I could always go back the next day and see it was there. 

After talking with Nelson that evening, we agreed we should get it but leave it at my parents until we could come back for it. My parents were good with that plan too. So I went back to the store that morning – it was the last day we were at my parents and we had to leave at noon in order to avoid the worst of the traffic back up. 

However, when I pulled up to the thrift store, there was a sign that due to unforeseen circumstances, the store was to open at 1pm that day! My heart sank. 

I couldn’t stay until then so we went back home and I finished packing. My mom suggested that she and my father could stop by at 1pm to check in on the chair and get it for me instead. I left her the money, packed my family into the car and prayed that it was meant for me. 

A little over an hour into our trip back home and my mom texted me that it was still at the store and they had just picked it up. God is good. I cannot wait until I get to go back and pick it up. It needs a little bit of work and I hope to refinish it once the Youtube Studio is complete. 

2 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

I also had a few more things from a couple of other trips that honestly wasn’t enough to create a full post (video) before now, so I thought I would share them here as well. 

First, I had this cute little bell that I bought for $1.09 at Goodwill. It looks handmade and I love how simple it looks. 

14 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

Another piece (also gold) was this cute little urn. It’s small so it will look great on a shelf or on a book, and it only cost $8.17 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

Lastly, I found this lantern. I bought it in a consignment shop so it was a little pricier at $21, but I loved all the details and the distressed glass. I think it will look lovely at Christmas with either ornaments, lights or even mini Christmas trees. 

6 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul

Lastly, I purchased this set of magnifying glass and envelope opener. This was a while back when I purchased them and can’t remember how much they were, however it was definitely less than $20 for the set, that I am sure. 

11 200x300 Home Decor Thrifted Haul


That was a lot of stuff!

I am really trying to be more thoughtful when it comes to the items I purchase for my home. I want things to look curated and unique, not cheap. I am also trying to be very cautious with how much I spend too, so I am doing the best with the least amount of spending if necessary.

What do you think of the items? I would love to know which one is your favorite or perhaps the one you think was the best deal. 

I can’t wait to style these in my tiny home and to share more progress of the work being done along the way. 

I will you soon. Until then… adios! 

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