Outdoor Dining Space – Patio Makeover Part 2

Outdoor Dining Space 200x300 Outdoor Dining Space   Patio Makeover Part 2

Outdoor Dining Space – Patio Makeover Part 2

Hey there familia! I am sharing another part of our outdoor makeover which makes me so happy because this means we are closer to getting it done. You may have seen the video on my Youtube channel already, but if you haven’t I thought I would share some images here. 

This space is so important to us while we live in our camper on site. I am so happy we can give the kids a place to play, relax, eat, do crafts, read etc. It really does feel like an outdoor space with the new gazebo and just gives our property character since it’s our first “real” area on the farm. 

As I stated in my last post, I miss having a “home” and by simply having this space we can enjoy, it makes me feel closer to having that again. 


Outdoor Dining Space 4 200x300 Outdoor Dining Space   Patio Makeover Part 2

The most important thing for us to have is seating and honestly the gazebo is so large we can have two separate areas. But I wanted a place to eat outdoors since we left our patio table when we sold our house. 

I wanted something large and something neutral.

POLYWOOD sent me this 9 piece dining set and I could not be more impressed! If you don’t know much about POLYWOOD, they are an amazing company that uses high density plastic found in our homes (like laundry detergent and shampoo bottles) and recycles it in order to create high end outdoor furniture. 

The items are made here in the USA, there is free shipping to the contiguous United States and the best part is that they are taking products that would normally go into a landfill or end up in the ocean and create something beautiful out of it. 

Plus, all their furniture comes with a 20 year warranty which you don’t get that from your local big box stores, so you are definitely getting so much for your investment.

Check them out today if you haven’t already and make sure to check out their 4th of July flash deal here.  

Outdoor Dining Space 7 200x300 Outdoor Dining Space   Patio Makeover Part 2

I went with the Oxford series trestle table and chairs in the color slate gray. The cushions are also from POLYWOOD and they are in the color Dune Burlap

The table was super easy to put together and the chairs already came fully assembled except for the two at the ends – we just needed to add the arms. 

After adding the table, the area felt a little bare so I added planters with flowers on all four corners of the gazebo. It was so nice to add some color to the area. 

Outdoor Dining Space 1 200x300 Outdoor Dining Space   Patio Makeover Part 2

Since we just installed an above ground pool for the kiddos this summer I wanted a place to put some towels, their pool toys and accessories as well as a my husband’s outdoor speaker that he cannot live without. That speaker can be left out in the elements for days and it works as good as the day he bought it.

I chose to add a simple metal bakers rack to the back of the gazebo for all of this and added more planters with flowers right next to it. 

I love these towels, they are so soft and they give off a resort-like feel with their neutral stripes. I shared how to fold them in the video. You can buy them here. 

Outdoor Dining Space 6 200x300 Outdoor Dining Space   Patio Makeover Part 2

My husband also has a nice area to BBQ under this POLYWOOD umbrella. It gives him much needed shade and he has a great view of the dining space while cooking outdoors. 

If you don’t have a covered area for your table like we do, you can use this umbrella for the table. They all come prepared with a slot for an umbrella if you wish to use it. 

Outdoor Dining Space 5 200x300 Outdoor Dining Space   Patio Makeover Part 2

Finally I added some fabric chargers and white lanterns for citronella candles and the space was complete and ready for us to enjoy. 

Outdoor Dining Space 3 200x300 Outdoor Dining Space   Patio Makeover Part 2

I am so happy how it all came together. We have enjoyed dinners outside and having this here has come really handy for this family of 5. The chairs are so comfortable and the dining table has been such a useful blessing to have. 

I still have a little more to share so stay tuned!

If you want to see more on how this came together make sure to watch the video below. 



I am looking forward to using this area for many years to come and I hope I was able to give you a little inspiration on finally getting an outdoor eating space. It is truly good for the soul when you get to eat outside and enjoy the sun setting in the evenings.

Do you enjoy eating outdoors? 

Outdoor Dining Space 200x300 Outdoor Dining Space   Patio Makeover Part 2

I will see you back here very soon! 

Until then… adios! Yami Signature 300x161 Outdoor Dining Space   Patio Makeover Part 2



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