8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas

Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas 8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas

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Today I am rejoicing because we finally have our septic tank installed for our camper on the new homestead. You have no idea how happy I am that it’s finally behind us. It was a much longer process than expected due to our topography, but at this point I am just happy we are one step closer. 

Next order of business is the power. As much as I enjoy the sound of the generator 24/7  (insert sarcasm) I would much rather have power from the utility company. Plus, I can have power 24/7 which would allow the usage of the refrigerator and I can stop having to buy takeout or prepackaged meals while we are up there. 

They are so unhealthy and honestly I miss cooking my homemade meals. 

I am so over it! ?

In other happier news…. I have some ideas for you in case you have been wondering what type of wreath you might want to put up this holiday season. 

Over the years, I have DIY’d several and they all have their own personalities and styles. I am sure there is something here for everyone. Plus, these are all super easy to make and are extremely budget friendly. 

Right now, the prices of everything are going up and budgets are “respected” a little more than before. So, I have even included a brand new wreath idea towards the end that will show you how you can take one wreath and make new designs every year with ease and minimal spending. 

I have included a link to each wreath’s tutorial or you can watch all of them on this video here or by simply scrolling to the end of this blog post. 

Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas


I actually created this wreath this past January and it was more to use in the winter months after Christmas, however, it quickly became a favorite and since a lot of people tend to do “winter white” themes for Christmas, I thought it was still appropriate for the Christmas season. 

This only takes one pack of yarn, some clearance picks from last year’s Christmas sale and some leftover ribbon. Plus, even though it looks “knit” there is no knitting involved so anyone can recreate this. 

See how you can make your own here. 

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I found this wreath at Goodwill for only $2.99.

When I first shared the process of this wreath, everyone began to gasp! They highly doubted that the blue berries would work with the red berries already in place, but I had faith. I used some leftover fall berry bushes and one Dollar Tree Christmas tag ornament to update it and the before and after is just amazing. 

My mom ended up taking this one last year when I created it. She still has it today. And I find it to be a very unique take on a holiday wreath. 

It was part of a thrifted Christmas video I created where I shared how to take thrifted items and make them look great for Christmas at a minimal expense.

You can see what I did to make this here.


5 1 300x225 8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas


3. Elegant Blue “Berry” Wreath

This wreath was another repurpose. I needed a new wreath for my decor last year since it was a brand new color scheme I was using for the first time. 

In order to save space and money I took apart my fall wreath and I added greenery picks that I had gotten on sale at Hobby Lobby. With the use of some pine cones and some leftover bells that I spray painted I came up with the wreath below. 

You can see my color scheme and how I made this here. 

6 1 300x225 8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas

4. Farmhouse Dollar Tree Wreath 

This one is super easy to make and one of the most inexpensive on the list. With the exception of the ribbon, this was all made from Dollar Tree supplies. I made this a small version to go over my cutting board, but you can easily make it larger for your front door and it will still be just as nice and inexpensive. 

I shared this on my 12 Days of Christmas playlist and it was shared on Day 10. 

You can follow the step by step tutorial here. 

1 2 300x225 8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas

Fun fact about this wreath is that it was featured in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Magazine last year!!! 

%name 8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas

5. Farmhouse Buffalo Check Wreath 

This one is the same size as the last one. It too is simple to make and all you need are a few supplies which you may already have on hand. 

You can watch this on Day 10 of the 12 Days of Christmas video along with the one above, here

Wreath 200x300 8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas


6. Winter with Greenery Wreath  (Version 1)

For the next 3 wreaths I will be using the same wreath form. All you need is a a grapevine wreath and 5 greenery picks from Hobby Lobby. The ones below are $4.99 regular price but you can always find them half off this time of year. 

I like using these because they are the most realistic looking ones. 

Since prices just keep skyrocketing I thought it would be nice to share this idea. With having a wreath “base” like this you can always change out the ribbon and accessories so that you can have a “new” wreath every year without breaking the bank. 

I like to only cover part of the wreath since it’s the cheapest option but you can always cover the wreath completely with the greenery. 

WREATHS 300x169 8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas

This is the first version. Here I had the greenery on the bottom. I used white picks and accessories. In order to keep the picks “temporary” so you can remove them later, you can alway use floral wire to affix them on so they won’t fall. 

The greenery can be hot glued on permanently. 

7 1 300x225 8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas

7. Gold Accents Wreath (Version 2)

For this next one, I decided to turn the wreath so that the greenery is on top. I changed out the white accessories to gold and added some hanging bells in the center. 


2 2 300x225 8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas

8. Red Tartan Wreath (Version 3)

For the last version I decided to turn the wreath so that the greenery was at the side. I added red accessories and tartan ribbon and this perhaps was my favorite version of all 3. 

With the flexibility of just changing the picks out and the turning the greenery to different sides, your guests would think it’s a new wreath each year! 

Watch how easy I was able to change these out here


3 2 300x225 8 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas


I love each and every one of these wreath ideas and any one can be adjusted to any color scheme or theme. They are all unique and simple to make. 

What do you think of these wreath ideas? Would you try any of these out? And which one is more your style? I would love to know! 

To watch all of these come to life you can watch below. 

I hope you are having a great start to the holiday season and I hope to see you very soon! 

Until next week…. adios! 

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