20 Inspiring Fall DIYs


20 Inspiring Fall DIYs 683x1024 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

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20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

Hey friends! Fall will be here before we know it and I thought it would be great to share some Fall ideas that would get you inspired and looking forward to the new season. 

I have rounded up my best of the best Fall DIYs. This is a compilation of different Fall styles and colors that will work with a variety of different tastes. Some are really inexpensive and easy to make while others are a little more time consuming and require a few different supplies. Either way, they are all really easy to duplicate if you follow the steps. 

I will include links to original posts or videos so that if you are interested in recreating them you can get the more detailed tutorials. And along with this list I have included the link to the video version of this round up in case watching is more your style (simply scroll to the end).

Each project will have a quick overview of all of the steps that took to make them.

Link to watch the entire video will be at that bottom of the post. Enjoy! 

Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Look for Less Wreath 

This is probably my favorite wreath of all time. It was a wreath that I had recreated (from Kirkland’s) for one of my Look for Less Challenge videos. It’s different in that it doesn’t have all of the traditional colors for Fall, but that’s just what makes me like it even more. 

I used a lot of greenery that was leftover from previous projects and I painted the berries and pumpkins to match my color scheme instead of buying new ones. 

9 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

Another cool fact about this wreath is that it was featured in one of Country Sampler’s Farmhouse Style Magazines last year. 

IMG 4516 1024x1024 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

It was featured in their “Wreaths around the Seasons” article and it was the very first one they shared. I was so honored.

Behind the scenes fun fact: I had painted my door a light blue since making the wreath and I reshot the wreath so that it would look better with the blue background for this feature. 

IMG 4517 300x300 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

Watch the original video here

2. Dollar Tree Centerpiece

Sometimes, you just need something simple and inexpensive. I used Dollar Tree jars and a Dollar Tree tray for this. They were originally clear glass, but I thought a solid white would be better. The tray was silver and didn’t go with my color scheme for fall so I used a rose gold spray paint I had on hand to change it up. 

I added some raffia, wooden mini leaves and some florals from Michael’s that I had gotten on sale and I made this cute centerpiece. 


18 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

Sometimes, it really doesn’t take much to create something beautiful. Watch how it all came together here

3. Raffia Pumpkins

This next one is a great solution for your old and tired pumpkins that you may have lying around (and have probably thought it was time to get rid of them).

Don’t do it! 

Do this instead. 

Take some raffia (I used a hula skirt from Hobby Lobby’s birthday party section) and wrap the raffia around the pumpkins. You can use multi0colored raffia as well for more dimension. Make sure to remove the stems before you do this and you can reuse them once you’re done or make your own with air dry clay. 

10 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

You will be glad you didn’t throw these away! Check out the step-by-step tutorial on how to make them here

4. Pumpkin topiary 

Over the years I have enjoyed collaborating with other YouTubers and one of the challenges I like to participate in is the Mystery Box Challenge. The topiary below was a result of one of those challenges. I had to create something with hardware rope, a halfway completed pumpkin DIY and a curtain rod. 

I say this came out pretty good and you would never guess it was made out of random pieces and leftovers from my craft stash. 

2 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

It really goes to show what you can do if you put your mind to it and allow yourself to really stretch the abilities of what you have on hand. 

Watch the full process here

5. Tablescape 

I don’t know about you, but I love a good tablescape. It can really elevate a meal experience and what better time to do so than during the holidays. Instead of buying a tablecloth, I purchased plaid fabric from Walmart. 

I stacked a DIY stand over a regular white cake stand and I added Dollar Tree pumpkins, candles, and foliage throughout. 

12 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

I was going through a pastel phase here for Fall and I decided to paint some of my existing pumpkins to create my color scheme. I just love how light and airy it feels. 

And to balance out the feminine touches I did use my DIY galvanized chargers. 

Watch how it all came together here

6. Large Pumpkin Sign

Sometimes you need a statement piece… a large statement piece… like this pumpkin patch sign. 

I used the Dollar Tree unfinished wood pumpkin plaques and painted them in my color scheme that year. We had some leftover furring strips and panels so I created the large frame. And with the help of my Cricut I made the decals to apply.  

21 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

This sign looks like something you could buy and it really stands out since the pumpkins give it a 3D effect. 

Check out the entire process here. 

7. Harvest Painting 

As most of you know, I like to dabble with hand painting here and there. This sign was just me trying to see if I can pull off some painted pumpkins. I think I did pretty good for the first try. 

Fun fact: This sign is actually double-sided and it has a hand-painted Spring wreath on the other side. You can see it here

5 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

Something like this is perfect on a shelf and can be brought out year after year. I added a cute Harvest decal that I made with my Cricut to finish it off and I love how simple yet pretty it turned out. 

Learn how to make it here

8. Kirkland’s Dupe

You know I love a good dupe and this one is no exception! I created this piece when I was inspired by one in Kirkland’s and the result was loved by all. Those look like stitches on the leather piece but they are actually burn marks from my wood burning tool!

Turns out you can burn leather beautifully! 

8 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

The best part about this is that other than the leather piece, everything came from Dollar Tree. Check out the step-by-step here

9. Stuffed Pumpkins 

If you love to sew (which I do) this one’s for you. I am sure you have some leftover fabric somewhere and that’s really all you need for this one (along with some polyfill or some stuffing from an old pillow). 

All you need to do is cut out some pumpkin patterns on coordinating fabrics. Create some little patches and sew them together leaving a little opening to stuff them to create these mini-stuffed pumpkins. 

1 683x1024 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

I added some yarn to the stems and that was it! 

Bonus: you can totally do this without a sewing machine and hand stitch them too! 

Watch how easy they come together here. 

10. Yarn Pumpkins 

If you liked the raffia pumpkins you will love this idea as well. This is anther way you can update those old pumpkins. Simply use yarn from Dollar Tree! 

I wanted to recreate the look of those knitted pumpkins without the knitting. So I wrapped yarn around this pumpkin.

You will have to make holes at the top and bottom of the pumpkin to tuck the yarn ends in since yarn is thicker than raffia and will bunch up at the top and bottom. You don’t want that to happen because then it won’t look like a pumpkin and it won’t stand upright. 

4 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

You could simply just wrap it in yarn, but the key here is to add braided yarn pieces to give it that extra detail and knitted look. This one is supper easy and you are going to want to make more than one! 

Here is the step-by-step. 

11. Fall Leaf Art 

Are you the “I need something really easy” DIY kind of person? Here is one for you. It won’t get simpler than this. 

You will need Dollar Tree 11 x 14 inch frames for this. I painted them a metallic black to make the frames look better but that is optional. Then take a raffia leaf also from Dollar Tree. You can paint them a metallic bronze or leave as is. Use a thick white matte to frame it out and place the leaf in the center. 

Put the frame back on and viola, instant Fall art. 

15 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

It’s simple and cheap! I created two and stacked them on the wall next to a window. They looked so good. 

Watch the step-by-step here

12. Traditional Wreath 

If traditional colors are more your style, you will appreciate this one. I made this from Dollar Tree and Walmart stems. And I even added some Dollar Tree mini pumpkins.

You can always leave it with just the foliage or you can add this little sign that says “hello Fall”. 

6 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

If you want to see how I like to add the pieces of foliage on and in what order, watch here. 

13. Fall Houses 

This one was one of my very first Fall DIYs and still one of my favorites. I made this FALL sign when Dollar Tree first came out with the little shadow box houses. They don’t sell them anymore however, I have a pattern and video that will show you to build your own. 

I created little inserts for the houses with foam board and cardstock and then used berries to spell out the words. 

I decided to cut out a pumpkin for the letter “A” and I added fairy lights behind it so it would light up at night. 

13 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

I thought this was a really unique DIY. Here is the full tutorial if you wish to make them here

Bonus: You can even change them out for Christmas and I share that in the video as well. 

14. “Garlic” Fall Pumpkin Sign

Okay, so I call this garlic because after I painted them they looked more like garlic than pumpkins. BUT, they were supposed to be pumpkins. LOL 

This is a great way to use those pumpkins that Dollar Tree sells strung up on ribbon. I think this is more elegant. All you need is 4 of these that you can paint in the color you wish. Glue them onto a piece of wood and add decal letters that spell FALL. 

You can use pre-made decals or make them yourself on a Cricut. 

16 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

It’s an easy way to make a stand up sign using those pumpkins that you would never hang anyways. 

Tutorial is found here

15. Toile Chargers

Okay, so full disclosure… this was a Spring DIY. But in my defense, these would look AMAZING in a Fall tablescape. These were made out of Dollar Tree gold chargers and transfers from Iron Orchid Designs. The toile has that perfect old world charm that elevates anything it’s put on. 

Plus the print is neutral and will go with any color scheme. The key here is to make sure to seal them with a great sealer, this way they will last a long time. 

3 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

These chargers were another fave of mine and totally worth the time and effort it took to make them. They have such a high end look to them too. 

Here is the full tutorial. 

16. Hello Pumpkin Sign

This is another fun fall sign (one that my mom loved so much, she now has it at her house, ha!). 

I created this out of a leftover piece of wood that I had. I stained it to the color of choice and added a few ticking stripes to the left. Then I used some ribbon and a pumpkin that I painted from Dollar Tree to further embellish it. 

After I created this nice “hello pumpkin” decal and added it to the sign. 

7 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

Simple, yet pretty. I love the end result! 

Here is the tutorial for this one. 

17. Harvest Sign

Here is a sign that doesn’t require decals. This one is again made from small pumpkins from Dollar Tree that I painted for my color scheme. The crate board backing can be found in the unfinished wood section at Michael’s. 

For the crate that the pumpkins are “in” I used large popsicles and cut them down to make the crate pattern. I added a raffia bow and the metal “harvest” sign also from Dollar Tree and that was it.

11 20 Inspiring Fall DIYsSuper easy and totally festive for Fall. 

Watch how to make it here. 

18. Pumpkin Candleholder  

You are probably familiar with those not-so-pretty orange foam pumpkins at Dollar Tree. For the longest time they were the only options at Dollar Tree so we had to get really creative with them. 

For this one, I cut out the top, and painted it white. Then with some acrylic paint and some small nozzles that I put on my bottles, I basically piped out some floral patterns (freehand) onto the pumpkin. 

I let it dry and added a glossy topcoat to make it look like ceramic. 


17 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

I used the hole to insert a blue candle and that was it! This was the perfect pumpkin candleholder to enjoy those wonderful fall scents. 

Watch how I did it here

19. Burlap Box Centerpiece 

A while ago I created box from foam board and I covered it with burlap. This box has been with me for a few years now and I give it makeovers depending on the season. If you have a simple rectangular box, you can do the same. 

Simply add foliage of your choosing and include some Dollar Tree pumpkins. 

14 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

And if you add potpourri throughout, your arrangement will smell so good for the holidays as well.

Watch how to put it together here.  

20. Succulent Pumpkins 

For the final DIY I am sharing another way to update those old pumpkins. Take an old pumpkin and cut out a hole at the top. You can paint it or leave as is. Next, add some floral foam and insert some succulents. 

Add some moss to cover up any foam showing through and that’s it! 

2 copy 683x1024 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

These are simple yet are the perfect way to add some greenery to your pumpkins. 

Here is the tutorial. 

Watch 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs Below

I hope you enjoyed this list of my Top 20 Fall DIYs and got a inspired for the new season! Don’t forget to share with your Fall loving f

20 Inspiring Fall DIYs 683x1024 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

I will see you in the next one.

Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature 300x161 20 Inspiring Fall DIYs

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  1. Loved your ideas. The fall wreath with the coral leaves and berries & pine cones is gorgeous! I love the stuffed pumpkins that you sewed and the succlents in the faux pumpkins. I look forward to making these three projects myself! I will give some of them away for gifts at our upcoming fall reunion! Thanks so much for the inspiration and detailed directions.

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