Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover 1 200x300 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

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Hey there! It has been a little while since I have posted and I am here to make it up! Today’s post has been a couple of years in the making. We have finally finished our guest bathroom! This bathroom has actually not been operational since we moved in… 2.5 years ago. 

Crazy, I know. 

This has been one of the reasons we only have my parents over at the house, LOL! No guest bath means no guests. During this time we just used the master bathroom or my daughter’s bathroom. This is technically my son’s bathroom that he would share with guests. 

This bathroom was a wreck when we moved in. 

Guest Bathroom Before 300x225 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

Besides the broken counter, this is what the bathroom looked like when we purchased the house. The hubby got a little excited with the demo before I took before pics.

It was dingy, dirty, smelly and sticky. 

I sure as heck did not want to use it and I sure didn’t want anyone to see it. 

Guest Bathroom Before 7 200x300 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

The finishes and fixtures were extremely dated. Of course this wasn’t news to us, we knew we were purchasing a fixer upper. We just didn’t realize that because of time and funds, it would take us a lot longer to complete. 

The lights to the bathroom were a part of the medicine cabinet and mirror.

Guest Bathroom Before 5 300x225 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

The toilet area was extremely tight and uncomfortable for my husband to even sit on. His arm literally ran into the side of the sink cabinet. He was not having that. 

Guest Bathroom Before 4 300x225 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

The floor was nothing special, just outdated linoleum. It was very dirty and stinky. 

Guest Bathroom Before 3 300x225 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

The bathtub was a fiberglass insert in an almond color. It was in decent condition for what it was, but I knew I didn’t want to keep it. 

Guest Bathroom Before 2 300x225 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

So I drew up what I had planned for this bathroom. I wanted it to be a show piece since after all everyone was going to see it. We planned on doing everything ourselves too (with the exception of connecting the tub to the plumbing – we left that to the professionals). 


2 300x169 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

This was my initial design and even though a few things changed after I had originally designed this mood board, the overall look and feel remained the same. The bathroom was a beast to tackle and we learned so much since there were so many design aspects that we had never done before… like we will use a cast iron tub instead of a fiberglass tub in the future. 

We documented the entire process on video since it was just so much. You can watch it all go down below!

Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

Here is how the bathroom looks now.

Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover 5 300x225 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

One of the things you can see right away that we changed from the mood board was the tile. We ended up going with a hexagonal gray tile on the floor. 

We had previously used the mosaic tile in our pantry makeover and since living with it we just didn’t like how it was a little difficult to clean so we decided to use something else. 

Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover 7 200x300 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

My husband removed the old tub himself and he installed all of the tile as well as the new fixtures. I just love the contrast of black on that white tile. 
Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover 8 200x300 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

The toilet we installed was given to us by Gerber who we partnered with for the video. This toilet had a slender tank, elongated seat which pushed the seating forward and it had a nice decorative detail at the base. Such an improvement from the one originally that was there. It’s much for comfortable to sit on it!

Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover 3 300x225 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

The sink cabinet was a DIY. We purchased the sink at Lowes and the cabinet at a builder’s surplus store. The faucet was also from Gerber and it’s a bathroom version of the one we installed in our kitchen.  And the countertop was a leftover piece of butcher block that we used from an old table we had dismantled to help build our kitchen island. 

The cabinet pulls were from Hobby Lobby and I got them for $2.50 each on sale! 

Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover 4 300x225 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

I love the color of the bead board alongside the white and the wood. 


Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover 6 300x225 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

I also love the vessel sink we chose. It’s a nice rectangular shape but it was still compact enough that it fit the smaller vanity. 

And the board and batten just takes the bathroom to another level. The stained top makes it unique since it’s not something we see every day and it ties to the countertop nicely. 

Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover 2 300x225 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

This was also the first time I painted the trim and door the same color and now I think I am addicted. I want to paint all the doors now! It makes a statement when you are inside looking at it and since the door is white on the other side, no one expects it.  

Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover 9 200x300 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

Of course I added a few details here and there and I had to include some of my previous DIYS, including my ruffled shower curtain. 

Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover 10 200x300 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

I am so happy with how this turned out and I hope you enjoyed it too! We are currently working on our first outdoor project and we will be tackling our daughter’s bathroom soon. 

Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover 7 200x300 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover


We definitely learned a lot during this renovation and will be adjusting a few things here and there for upcoming projects, but overall I think we did a really good and you would never guess this was all done by us. I am mostly proud that we went above and beyond to make it a custom bathroom and that in the end it doesn’t look builder grade. 

Extreme Bathroom Makeover 134x300 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover


Share this with your friends or anyone who may be considering a bathroom renovation and I will see you in the next one.

Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature 300x161 Extreme DIY Bathroom Makeover

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  1. What color did you use on the walls of this bathroom and the master bathroom yall just did? I would love a color list and brands of the paints!!

    1. The walls a Pure White by Sherwin Williams and the Board and Batten is Storm Chaser by Magnolia ( I had it color matched to SW Urethane Enamel).

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