Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

Amazing Christmas Ornaments  Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

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Hey friends! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break! I was able to remove myself from social media a bit and take a few days off to enjoy some time with family. I even got to spend some time with some cousins who I had not seen in 9 years. 

It was time well spent. 

Now it’s back to reality and business as usual as I share some great DIY ornament ideas with you! Some of the are brand new never before seen ideas on here and others are some of my best of all time. I have a nice compilation video on my Youtube channel that goes through how to make each one in easy to follow step by step instructions. You can also watch it at the end of the post. 

The best part is that most of these cost no more than a dollar to make! Some supplies you might even have on hand and others make use of leftover scraps from your craft stash. I will include all the links to all the ones that have individual tutorials. 

Let me know which one is your favorite below! 

1. Wreath Ornament  

This ornament can be make with scrap yarn, leftover ribbon and mini pine cones. All you need is a wreath form and I got mine for only 60 cents a a piece! Tutorial is found in this video

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 12 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

2. Snow Glass Ornament 

This ornaments is one of my very first DIYs but I think it’s a classic and I still have it and use it every year. It’s simple with faux snow on the inside, jute and some Christmas florals. Tutorial found in this video

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 4 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas


3. Cork Snowflakes 

This ornament was from last year’s 12 Days of Christmas and all you need is a few wine corks and a small wood now flake cut out. It’s a great way to use some of those corks lying around! Find the tutorial here.

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 14 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

4. Beaded Farmhouse Ornaments 

These are actually one of my most popular DIYs here on my site with over 81,000 pins on Pinterest. I would have never thought. These were so easy to make and extremely affordable. Check out the tutorial here

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 10 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas


5. Neutral Farmhouse Ornaments 

This is such a sweet ornament that looks really delicate and perfect for those who love a neutral look. Check how how to make these here


Amazing Christmas Ornaments 7 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

6. Farmhouse Berry Ornaments 

These cute crimson ornaments are probably one of my favorites ever. This was another Dollar Tree DIY and I enjoyed making these so much. They may be a little tedious to make since they look best with careful placement of each berry, but the brightness they bring to any tree is totally worth it! 

See the tutorial here.

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 11 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

7. Fabric Ornaments 

If you have scraps of fabric then you will love these! These ornaments are darling and really easy to put together, plus it gets rid of scraps of fabric and who can not like that! Watch video tutorial here


Amazing Christmas Ornaments 3 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

8. Rustic Christmas Tree Ornament 

If you are into a more rustic look for your tree and don’t mind working with a power tools, this one is for you! Each of these will cost no more than 50 cents and can be easily customized to any color scheme.

Full tutorial found in this video

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 15 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

9. Embroidered Christmas Tree Ornament 

If you liked the concept of the previous ornament, but would much rather stay clear of power tools, then this version would be better suited for you. All you need is a few supplies and no experience with embroidery.

Check out how easy it is to make in this video

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 16 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

10. Traditional Farmhouse Ornament

If you are into more color and prefer a more traditional farmhouse look then these ones are for you! Super simple to make and all you need are a few supplies. Check out the tutorial here

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 5 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

11. Dollar Tree Glass Ornaments

These little glass ornaments were another one that were a part of my 12 Days of Christmas last year. I wanted to actually create a glass ornament from Dollar Tree instead of the non-breakable plastic ones and I came up with this cute idea! 

Check it out here

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 8 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

12. Rae Dunn Inspired Ornaments

These are for the Rae Dunn fans. You don’t need much to recreate these and you don’t even need hand lettering skills. A little paint and some markers and that’s all there is to it! 

Here is the video with the tutorial. 

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 9 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

13. DIY Ornament Garland 

If you have enough ornaments and would rather make something different out of any leftovers that you have on hand, you will appreciate this idea. Create a garland out of them and put them to use in a different way.

Check out how easy it is to do here

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 13 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

14. Cute Rudolf Ornament

If you love farmhouse signs with a whimsical touch you will love this! Plus, I have the reindeer template available for free in my Printables Library . 

Check out how to make it here

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 1 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

15. Mini Toboggan Ornament 

I have seen these all over Pinterest and I finally learned how to make them. My kids love how cute they are. My daughter even thought I was making her Barbie a winter hat, which is actually not a bad idea. You won’t believe what you need to start this cute ornament. 

Find out here

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 2 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

16. Christmas Tree Yarn Ornament 

Last but not least is this really cute mini Christmas tree ornament that can be made with leftover yarn. These are perfect for anyone in the family to make no matter what age! 

Find the tutorial in this video

Amazing Christmas Ornaments 6 Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas


You can watch the entire list unfold in the video below. All you need is to sit back with a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) and enjoy! 



Please share these ideas with your crafty friends and I will see you back here in the next one! 

Amazing Christmas Ornaments Long Pin Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas

Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature Amazing Christmas Ornament Ideas



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