Decorating for Fall – Living Room

Decorating for Fall living room Decorating for Fall   Living Room

Decorating for Fall – Living Room

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Hello everyone! Happy last day of August! Can you believe that Fall is already around the corner?  Well, I am excited to be back to my regular program and I thought I would share an update to my living space along with some fall decorating. 

What’s even more exciting is that I have a chance for you all to win an amazing Fall Makeover Giveaway  – the details are at the end of this post (giveaway is now closed-thank you to all who entered). 

My living area has been a mash up of random things and frankly I have not shared much of it since I have been a little embarrassed. This is literally my main wall and well… it’s not cute.  

Ever since we moved in I have been grateful for a real wood-burning fireplace, but not at all enchanted by the orange brick and unnecessarily high mantel that makes the ceiling feel a lot closer to the ground. 

DECORATE FOR FALL 15 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

Let’s face it, it was an eye sore and no matter what I did in the space, it always looked awkward. Something else I haven’t liked is having a ridiculously large flat screen.  It sits to the right of the fireplace on top of a low console that just didn’t match the rest of the decor. 

It all just needed to go. 

DECORATE FOR FALL 13 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

So my husband and I gave it an entire makeover! I moved the large flatscreen out, and brought in a smaller one from the basement. Then I sold the console on FB Marketplace, and with the money I purchased paint for the fireplace. 

I share all of the fireplace details here. 

The room looks bigger and taller now. 

DECORATE FOR FALL 14 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

Since everything looked so great I took the opportunity to redecorate for Fall along with the help of Plow & Hearth, an online warehouse that has a variety of decor items for your home. They have everything from seasonal decor, accent furniture, to practical outdoor items that make gardening a breeze.  

They have a mix of both traditional and more modern items that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

*Before I continue, I just want to remind you that you can always view the video version of this post on my channel here


DECORATE FOR FALL 9 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

I wanted my fall decor this season to not only be beautiful, but practical. Plow & Hearth has this gorgeous new wingback chair this season and I decided to place it by the fireplace. I find it would be a great place to read stories by the fire. 

Next to it, I have this gorgeous galvanized ash bucket in copper. It is currently housing my Fatwood firestarter sticks that smell amazing. 

Behind that is a hand forged iron fireplace tool set that should stand the test of time. The last one we had kind of fell apart (I think it was more for decorative purposes) so I hope to use this one quite a bit this winter. It is conveniently available in a taller size that helps my husband since he’s a pretty tall guy. 

DECORATE FOR FALL 8 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

In front of the chair, and anchoring the space, is the most gorgeous rug! This Wakefield border polyester rug is nice and neutral but it brings in so many warm tones that are perfect for this leaf-changing season. It is so soft and plush and the pattern on it is so lovely. 

DECORATE FOR FALL 10 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

Another addition to the living room is this gorgeous set of nesting tables. Plow & Hearth has a line of reclaimed wood pieces. This wood can range from railroad ties to old buildings so each set is unique.

DECORATE FOR FALL 5 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

The tables add warmth and functionality to the space and the metal bases are so sturdy. 

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DECORATE FOR FALL 11 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

I added these beautiful black LED lanterns to each side of the fireplace. The  maple leaf garland is also LED and what’s so nice about the P&H LED pre-lit greenery and lanterns is that you can set them on a timer. They go on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours, so you can set and forget and they will always come on at the same time.

How cool is that!?!?

DECORATE FOR FALL 4 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

I removed the secretary desk that was in the corner and the space feel so much larger. I swapped the curtains out for a wheat-colored buffalo check. These curtains are lined and meant to keep the cold out and heat in (or vice versa depending on the season). 

I love buffalo check but I didn’t necessarily want the black and white for this room. This is much warmer. 

DECORATE FOR FALL 3 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

These LED (imitation) wax candles are amazing, the feel like the real deal and the hand forged candlesticks look like something from Hocus Pocus! 


DECORATE FOR FALL 2 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

I have a beautiful place to stack the wood this winter as well. There is so much joy to be had in this space! 

DECORATE FOR FALL 1 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

I am enjoying the warmer tones and if you know me I am all about the cooler tones, but something is just taking my soul back to the more traditional look these days. The browns and oranges look so beautiful against the white backdrop. 

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DECORATE FOR FALL 12 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

I sewed a few new cushion covers and added them to my sofa. I decided I would switch out the khaki slipcover for the white one this season. 

DECORATE FOR FALL 16 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

The striped ones are the new ones, and the cushions with the leaves were from a few years past that I made. They are still holding strong! 

DECORATE FOR FALL 7 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

After adding a few pumpkins, my space was complete. The tray lays on top of a 40 year old table that used to belong to my parents before I was born. It’s pretty banged up but I thought I would give it a nice home since it was literally in my father’s shed for the last 13 years. I hope to pass it along to one of my kids one day. 

DECORATE FOR FALL 16 Decorating for Fall   Living Room



Thank you to everyone who entered the Fall Makeover Giveaway! One lucky winner is to receive a $500 gift card to spend on their website! Entry has closed and I appreciate everyone who participated. 

DECORATE FOR FALL 17 Decorating for Fall   Living Room

GOOD LUCK to everyone and I will see you back here very soon! 

Until then, adios! 

Yami Signature Decorating for Fall   Living Room

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