Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

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Dollar Tree Valetines Decor Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

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Hey there and Happy Friday! I have a little bonus blog post for you and it’s another Valentine’s DIY!

For this one, I am using 4 of the canvas frames (5″ x 7″) from Dollar Tree in order to make a lantern. These frames were back from my Christmas Haul and I was supposed to make something for Christmas out of them, however I never got to it. 

But hey! It still worked out. 

Make sure you scroll to the end for even more DIYs! 

Dollar Tree Valetines Decor 1 Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

The first thing you need to do is remove the canvas.

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Dollar Tree Valetines Decor 2 Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

Next you want to remove the staples. If anyone tells you this is easy, you are being lied to. Holy moly, it took me forever to remove them! 

An hour later, I was left with a ton of holes! I didn’t like the way they looked so I had some Dollar Tree spackle and used it to fill in the holes.

Once the spackle was dry, I sanded everything smooth.

Dollar Tree Valetines Decor 3 Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

I put them together with some wood glue to create the shape of a lantern. 

Dollar Tree Valetines Decor 4 Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

Then, I painted the lantern in my favorite white chalk paint.

Dollar Tree Valetines Decor 5 Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

After the paint dried I came in with my Rustoleum Aged Glaze and applied a light coat all over with a lint free rag.

Dollar Tree Valetines Decor 6 Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

I then took these cute Dollar Tree hearts that were new this year (they come 5 to a pack) as well as this new striped ribbon in order to hang it from each side. And I cut the ribbon in 4 pieces that were all the same length.

Dollar Tree Valetines Decor 7 Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

Then I glued the center tip of the heart to the center tip of the ribbon with hot glue to secure it in place. And then I hot glued the end of the ribbon over and under the top of each frame that way there were no ribbon ends exposed on the inside of the lantern.

Once all 4 sides were done that was it! All I needed was a candle to place inside. 

Dollar Tree Valetines Decor 8 Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

I love the rustic touch this brings to my decor but it still has that romantic shabby chic feel. 

Dollar Tree Valetines Decor 10 Dollar Tree Valentines LanternAnd of course, like always  you can adjust the color of the lantern and/or the color of your ribbon to match your style. 

Dollar Tree Valetines Decor 9 Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

I hope you like this and if you want to see even more inspiration I have more DIYs you can check out below! 

Let me know what you think and as always share with any friends who would enjoy! 

Dollar Tree Valetines Decor Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern

I will see you in the next one! Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature Dollar Tree Valentines Lantern 






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  1. Good morning Yami, I love your lantern, the whole rustic look is just very pretty to me. I was trying to make the wreath with the burlap and roses around and was not able to do it. Also, I’m practicing with the coloring mixing so it can look rustic….oh and the whole bow making. You ladies are amazing. Thank you for sharing and GOD BLESS YOU. Have a wonderful weekend. I will be crafting this whole weekend.

    1. Hi Cindy! I get my items from the actual stores. The minimum order requirements are just too large online. I would end up with a store ???

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