Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

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Dollar Tree Valentines Wreath Pin Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today I have a simple Valentine’s DIY that you can recreate with items you may already have at home.

My goal for this year is to not buy too many unnecessary things, especially when it comes to crafting. I will be taking that into consideration whenever I bring you DIY’s going forward. Oftentimes what happens is that crafters and DIYers like me end up buying “all the things” because we think we can make “all the things” but honestly life gets in the way. And then we don’t get everything done that we wanted to in the first place. In the end we are left with a stash of unused crafting items. Ugh.

Trust me, I know… (consider this an insider’s look into a DIYer’s life, ha!)

 This presents several problems:

  1. Unused items that will take up space and clutter my home
  2. Spending unnecessary funds (that’s nicer than saying “wasting money”?)
  3. Disappointment and guilt 

So… we are nixing all that this year!

Seriously… the only thing I bought new for today’s DIY was the heart wreath form and that only cost $1. The rest was left over from my DIYs from last year.

I said it was a problem. ?

You will simply need a wreath form in the shape of a heart, khaki colored ribbon (or any of your choice) and faux florals. 

Dollar Tree Valentines Wreath 1 Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

>>>As always you can follow this tutorial on my Youtube Channel. <<<

The first thing I did was cut the ribbon in half to make thinner strips. Since it is so wide it would have been too hard to wrap around the wreath.

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Dollar Tree Valentines Wreath 2 Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

Then I hot-glued the end of the ribbon to the center wreath wire from behind and I began to wrap it around (hot gluing on the back as I continued around).

*In order to make this look nice and clean you want to make sure you space out the ribbon evenly as you wrap it around.

I didn’t have to worry about bringing the ribbon back down to cover the wreath form completely because I was going to cover that area with the roses.

Dollar Tree Valentines Wreath 3 Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

The first thing I did was remove the rose heads from the stems.

I took the leaves of the bushes as well and began to glue them onto the bottom third of the wreath. I did this in order to have some back fill.

Then I placed the roses on the wreath. I used hot glue to secure them. 

Dollar Tree Valentines Wreath 4 Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

*Now, in order for the roses to lay flat you will have to cut off the stem to the very end, but if you do this the rose will unravel because nothing is holding it together. So, in order to prevent this I like to add hot glue between the petals to make sure the whole flower stays intact.

I placed the lighter roses on the top and the darker roses on the bottom.

Dollar Tree Valentines Wreath 5 Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

Once I was happy with how it looked I added a little piece of jute string to the back with hot glue to hang it up.

And that was it!

It looks awesome on my front door (it also helps that I just painted it, LOL!). 

Dollar Tree Valentines Wreath 6 Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

I love that it’s not cheesy and over the top, yet still has that “romantic feel”. 

Dollar Tree Valentines Wreath 7 Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

And the best part about it is that it only cost me $1 (everything was left over from last year with the exception of the heart form ??).

Let me know what you think below and share with a friend! 

Dollar Tree Valentines Wreath Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

I will see you all in the next post! Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature Dollar Tree Valentines Day Wreath

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  1. Buenas dias Yami, gracias por los DIY’s. Question? did you get the burlap at Dollar Tree? I love seeing all your DIY’s and they are so simple to make. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Good Morning Yami,
    Love this wreath, like you said, not cheesy. Maybe the best part is, inexpensive!!!? Have a wonderful week!!!

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