Dollar Tree Advent Wreath


Dollar Tree Advent Wreath Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

Happy Day 3 of !2 Days of Christmas! I am excited for today’s DIY since I have never actually made an advent wreath before. 

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Also before I start I wanted to share some happy news! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know, but one of my DIYs was featured in the special Christmas issue of Country Sampler Farmhouse Magazine! %name Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

I even got a full page spread!!!!! How cool is that?!? I was so excited and honored and humbled…. frankly I couldn’t believe that one of my DIYs made it’s way to this nationally distributed magazine. ?

%name Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

You can see how I made those featured ornaments here and if you wish to get your own copy you can always order one online or you can purchase them at your local craft store or grocery store. My dad got his at Publix ?.

Okay, let’s get right into it and as always you can find the video tutorial for this on my channel as well. 

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You will need at least 2 bags of these cut pieces of birch from Dollar Tree.  If you wish, you can always use more in order to make it larger, but definitely no less than 2. 

Advent Wreath 1 Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

You will also need candles. I used these LED battery operated ones since I have little kids, but you can use the regular wax candles. Keep them the traditional purple and pink or go neutral as I did. 

Advent Wreath 2 Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

Next, you want to hot glue all of the pieces together. You will start with one ring, but be sure you have enough for two layers (one on top of the other). 

Advent Wreath 3 Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

When you place the second layer make sure you stagger the pieces as best as you can. This will create a stronger hold. Hot glue each piece to the ones below and next to each other. 

Advent Wreath 4 Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

After that is done, hot glue the stands to each of the candles on all 4 corners. Try to get it as square as possible. 

Advent Wreath 5 Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

Next, get yourself some flower bushes. I chose these white poinsettias in two different styles. Pull off the flowers from the stems as well as some of the leaves. 

Advent Wreath 6 Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

Use some of the leaves on either side of the candle stands to hide them. You can add more greenery throughout as well. 

Advent Wreath 7 Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

I then began to hot glue the poinsettias onto the wreath. 

Advent Wreath 8 Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

You can make their placement completely random or you can do as I did. I did two mesh poinsettias with one glittery poinsettia in between each of the candles.

Advent Wreath 9 Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

And that was it! So simple and elegant. I also love the contrast of the rustic birch and the white blooms. 

Advent Wreath 10 Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

Please let me know what you think of this little advent wreath! Have you made one recently?

Advent Wreath 11 Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

I hope you are enjoying these quick DIYs and I will see you back here for the next one! 

Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

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