Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIY


Dollar Tree Ornament Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIY

Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIY

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Hello there! Hope everyone is doing well! Here in Georgia we are missing out on some fall weather. 70’s all week! Like what the heck?

I have been busy crafting up a storm and if you haven’t checked out my Youtube channel for lots of video tutorials this Christmas season, you definitely must. For today I have this really cute ornament DIY made from Dollar Tree items…. and no one would ever know. 

Let’s get started. 

You will need Dollar Tree pearls, ribbon, wire, large popsicle sticks, a little bit of greenery and berries.

Dollar Tree Ornament 1 Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIY

Take the pearls and feed them through the thick floral wire you can find in Dollar Tree’s floral section. Each of these will use 20 pearls. You can make 2 ornaments with one bag. 

Dollar Tree Ornament 2 Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIYWhen you get to the end, leave just enough wire to go in the last pearl. Add hot glue to both ends place the pearl in place. Hold until it dries and your mini wreath is secure. 

Dollar Tree Ornament 3 Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIY

Next, take some large popsicle sticks and cut the edges like you see below. This will make the popsicle stick look like a little banner. 

Dollar Tree Ornament 4 Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIY

For this next step I used these rub on transfers from Dollar Tree but you can also write words yourself or use a Cricut to personalize the ornaments. 

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Dollar Tree Ornament 5 Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIY

Add it to the popsicle stick and then adhere it to the wreath with some hot glue. I added small bits of greenery from a greenery bush and added it to the top of the ornament with some hot glue. 

Dollar Tree Ornament 6 Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIYI cut some ribbon (this one I got from Hobby Lobby) and added it to the top. The best part about this is you can use any color ribbon to match your decor. I used some rose gold berries after I tied the ribbon. 

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Dollar Tree Ornament 7 Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIY

You can use the ribbon to hang it on the tree, tie a bow out of it or just let it hang like I did. But that’s it! 

And as you can see, it looks good on a green tree.

Dollar Tree Ornament 8 Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIYOr a flocked one…

Dollar Tree Ornament 9 Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIY

I have 2 more Dollar Tree ornament DIYs that I think you will like! You can watch them below! 


Let me know what you think below and I will see you in the next one! 

Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature Dollar Tree High End Ornament DIY

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  1. Love all three but my fav has got to be the pearl wreath!! I’ve had those pearls forever and have been waiting for the perfect DIY for them and this is it!!! Thank you for taking the time to share all you treasures with us!! I know I’ve said it before but you are my absolute favorite crafter!

  2. What a great idea and yes, it does look high end!! Gotta run to the $ Store!! Thanks for sharing…I think I’ll tie some on gifts as a little something extra!!

  3. I loveeeee all the designs you do in a budget that loos beautiful either high end, rustic, farmhouse and the best that you are Latina. Wearing the Puerto Rican flag around your neck made me bring out my necklace and sport it proud. Gracias!!!!

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