DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal*The following links are affiliate links. For more information please see full disclosure.*

Today is a happy day! I am so excited to share the full reveal of my cottage farmhouse kitchen. It has been a long time coming but I am so excited the day is finally here. 

When we moved in my husband had plans to completely gut and create a brand new kitchen in our fixer upper. However, things don’t go always as planned and we just didn’t have it in the budget, so we thought we could wait a couple years before tackling it….


It was dark, dirty and just plain depressing and I was NOT inspired to cook in it at all (and I actually like cooking). So I had a heart to heart with my husband and told him a DIY makeover was absolutely necessary so that I could stay sane in the meantime. I sat down and created a mood board for it this way he knew exactly what I wanted and I could stick to the plans.

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A lot of what I planned on doing would involve paint, but we determined that adding an island would be ideal as well as some higher end staples that we could always use again if and when we decided to gut everything and start fresh. 

*You can watch the entire transformation in the reveal video at the end of the post. The images just don’t do it justice* 

Fixer Upper Kitchen Mood Board DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen RevealSo we invested in a farmhouse faucet, and partnered with some amazing companies for a farmhouse faucet and a large chandelier to go over the new island. 

We purchased pre-built cabinets from a local vender and a quartz countertop for the island. Those were our biggest purchases and we were okay with that because even if we decide to change out original cabinets, the island was there to stay with the new kitchen anyways. 

We painted the cabinets with my tried and true method.

Kitchen Reveal 1 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

And we also purchased new cabinet pulls. They made such a difference and they can be reused in the future as well.

We reused the original hinges to save money, I just primed and painted them. 

We installed the countertops, the sink and the backsplash ourselves. All the lighting was done by us and we couldn’t be happier. 

Kitchen Reveal 3 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

We left the countertops their natural color and sealed them with this. I also add this oil every several weeks and it has been great at maintaining them. 

Kitchen Reveal 6 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

I sewed this cute little skirt since the doors that went there originally don’t fit because of the new farmhouse sink. And I made the matching valance to hide the ugly light fixture above the sink (that is attached the the underside of the upper cabinets). 

Kitchen Reveal 5 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

While the cabinets were pre-built we did have to put the island together and we used some legs from an old table I had to add more support for the countertop. 

I left the island white while I used the color Earl Gray from Magnolia (color matched at Sherwin Williams) for the original cabinets. I tied the two together by using the bead board on the sides of the island to cover the seams and again on the backsplash. 

Kitchen Reveal 11 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen RevealEverything is so crisp and clean and my coffee machine looks so much better on the counter now. 

Kitchen Reveal 10 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

I purchased some bar stools on FB marketplace since the ones I originally had on my mood board were just too pricey. They aren’t my kind of wood color, but I can always paint them later. 

Kitchen Reveal 4 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

The stove was original to the house but we took the stove door apart and I gave the glass a good cleaning! 

I love all the hardware on the cabinets. They may not be for everyone, but I think they give the kitchen that old “cottage” feel. 

Kitchen Reveal 12 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

The plywood floors look great and the new Woodgrain trim on the windows as well as the baseboards makes everything look brand new! 

Kitchen Reveal 9 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

I love how light and bright the space feels and the new under cabinet lighting helps as well. 

Kitchen Reveal 2 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

I am happy this is finally complete! It doesn’t look like the same kitchen at all. Remember the before?

Fixer Upper Kitchen Before 2 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

Those dark and dirty days are now behind me. 

Kitchen Reveal 8 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

Moving our dining area out of the kitchen and replacing it with the island was the ideal solution for us. Our kitchen is so much bigger now. 

Kitchen Reveal 7 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

The only thing not shown in these images in the new plate rack I built to put behind the island, but you can see that here. I just happened to take these images before it was up. DIY Farmhouse Plater Rack 9 DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal



Let me know what you think of the new kitchen! I can’t wait to add more touches to it and to decorate it for Christmas. 

I will see you all in the next one. Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature DIY Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal


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  1. Oh, my gosh!!! I’ve gotten more inspiration from what you’ve done with your kitchen than in all the bits and pieces I’ve spent hours collecting put together. Magnificent! Really well done. I have questions but will watch all your vids before I ask them so I’ll be back. But for now, just mìorbhuileach! (Gaelic for WONDERFUL!)

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