More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress Pin More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

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Hey there! 

Many things have changed in our kitchen since my last post and since there is so much to cover I am going to jump right in.

After removing the cabinet doors, I primed and painted all of them. I used my tried and true method using the combination of Pro Block oil based primer and Sherwin William’s Urethane Trim enamel. I have an extensive video on my process on cabinet painting and you can get all the details here. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 14 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

We first started by sanding these cabinets (unlike my last cabinets) because of the condition they were in. You can see why we did this extra step here. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 9 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

After all of them were sanded, I cleaned them all with Krud Kutter. It works great for removing grease and oil. I did the same with the drawers and I used an old toothbrush for the crevices. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 10 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Afterwards, I set them out to dry. I made sure they were perfectly dry before setting them up in my basement for the next step. It’s best to prop all of them off the floor using these or whatever else you have on hand that will work (like those jumbo legos). 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 11 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

I primed all of the doors (as well as the cabinets that were not removed). When painting cabinet doors, I start on the inside of the door and then once dry do the exterior of the door. I start with a brush for the nooks and crevices and then I go in with a roller. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 12 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Once the primer was dry, I paint them with my favorite cabinet paint. I used the color Eary Gray from Magnolia and color matched it at Sherwin Williams. There were  A LOT of doors (the most I have ever painted in one kitchen, yikes). 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 13 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

 I gave both sides two coats and as always I started with the inside of the doors first (again, more on that in this video). 

While that was happening, we were removing the old countertops and replacing them with butcher block countertops. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 1 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

This is what our countertops looked like. They weren’t in good shape and I was NOT a fan of the color so out they went. And the Latino Engineer was eager to get his hands on them. LOL!

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 2 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Actually he didn’t take a hammer to them but they were the so difficult to remove. The Latino Engineer and my father did their best to remove them without damaging anything but still things happened. 

More on that here. 


More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 3 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Once everything was removed it was time to add our countertops. We purchased these butcher block countertops at Lowes. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 4 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

They were fairly simple to cut and install. The hard part was honestly around the new farmhouse sink that we installed ourselves. That Kreg Tool Rip Cut kept our circular saw straight while we cut. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 5 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

The hard part was honestly around the new farmhouse sink that we installed ourselves.

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 8 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

We did have to use a router for the first time for the countertops so that we could connect them from underneath. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 6 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

We also had to patch up around the sink area since the sink was smaller than the opening that was there to begin with. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 7 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

But before we could start putting that cabinet doors back, I had to clean and paint all of the hinges. We decided to resuse them to save some money. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 15 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

They were pretty filthy but still ingot shape. I set them out to dry in the sun once they were clean.

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 17 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

After they were full dried, I primed and spray painted them with oil rubbed bronze spray paint. I also painted all of the original screws. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 16 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

When everything was finally dry and had cured for a few days, we began putting back the doors. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress  More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

We also got a new faucet. I had always wanted a farmhouse style kitchen faucet so I was so glad to partner with Gerber faucets for a Youtube video collaboration. It’s gorgeous and really easy to install!

My farmhouse faucet can also be purchased here

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 19 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

My new faucet, along with my countertops and painted cabinets definitely has transformed this kitchen! We sealed out butcher block counters with this and I apply this oil to maintain it looking great ever couple of months. I actually don’t mind doing that as I enjoy wiping my counters. 

The countertops give it that sweet cottage farmhouse feel. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 21 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

The light gray on the cabinets make it feel so light and airy, yet cozy and charming. 

We chose these for our cabinet pulls. 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 22 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

Finally here is the sink area! I am in love! 

More Kitchen Farmhouse Progress 20 More Farmhouse Kitchen Progress

I will be sharing more on the backsplash and how we added more ambient lighting to the kitchen next so stay tuned! 

Until then… adios! 

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