3 High End Fall Farmhouse Signs


High End Fall Farmhouse Signs 3 High End Fall Farmhouse Signs

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Hey there! The air is crisp in the mornings and I am loving every minute of it! How is the weather in your area?

I am so ready for sweater weather! 

I recently made 3 farmhouse signs in a partnership with Cricut for my Youtube channel. Since the partnership did not include a blog post, I had not created a a detailed tutorial for it here, however, I did want to share them with you since I think they came out really nice. 

I have wanted a huge Pumpkin Patch sign for a while now and I just had been putting off buying one since I figured one day I would make one. I was then approached by Cricut to try out the Cricut Maker and see what I could come up with, so I thought it was now or never

I looked online for inspiration and the one below is what I came up with. 

High End Fall Farmhouse Signs 1 3 High End Fall Farmhouse Signs

I think the best part about this sign (besides the fact that it has my color scheme) is that I made it with a scrap piece of particle board, a couple of furring strips and 3 Dollar Tree pumpkins! 

It came together beautifully! 

And I proudly display it on my mantle. 

I was so excited that I decided to take another scrap piece of wood that I had lying around – I have a lot of those – and make another sign. 

I always thought the “hello pumpkin” signs were cute so I decided to make one too! 

High End Fall Farmhouse Signs 2 3 High End Fall Farmhouse Signs

Another success using scrap wood, poplar wood, paint, ribbon and another pumpkin from Dollar Tree! 

My mother has her eyes on this one, I might lose it just like I lost that cute teapot

But of course, I couldn’t stop there. My subscribers love Dollar Tree DIYs so I made sure to give them that option as well. And that one is just darling! 

High End Fall Farmhouse Signs 3 3 High End Fall Farmhouse Signs

I used wooden beads, scrap paper, a Dollar Tree frame, Dollar Tree pumpkins and some scrapbook paper and voila! Another cute sign. 

And the fact that I can add whatever lettering I want to my signs was the icing on the cake. I want to customize all.the.things! And that Cricut Maker is a beast! It can cut so many different types of material, I cannot wait to see what else it does. 

Ahem… I have this one DIY for Christmas that I hope to make…??

So, if any of these signs strike your fancy ? check out the video on how they came together below! 

3 Fall Signs with Cricut Maker Long Pin 3 High End Fall Farmhouse Signs


I will see you soon! Until, then… adios! 

Yami Signature 3 High End Fall Farmhouse Signs

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