Over 15 Christmas DIY’s

15 Christmas DIYs Over 15 Christmas DIYs

Over 15 Christmas DIY’s

Oh happy day! In honor of Christmas in July I thought I would post a roundup of some of my favorite Christmas DIYs that I have done in the past. I look forward to Christmas this year. With 2020 being as crazy as it has been I am so ready for hope and joy and love and everything that Christmas always brings forth.

Especially Christ. 

It’s a time when people are kinder and happier and believe me we need so much more of that in this world right now. So Christmas cannot come fast enough for me.

Who’s with me!?

I know you are, so I’m sharing this list of over 15 Christmas DIY’s that I think you will enjoy…


Dollar Tree Glam Christmas Candleholders 

4 4 Over 15 Christmas DIYs

This was is an oldie, but a goodie and by far one of my most popular posts on the blog. I made this from Dollar Tree items and some decals I purchased at Hobby Lobby. While the exact decals may not be available at Hobby Lobby anymore, I did see some that were almost exactly the same at Big Lots this past Christmas so be on the look out for them. They may just come back! 

Full Tutorial here


Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Trees

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decor 13 Over 15 Christmas DIYs

This is another fave and is my number one Christmas DIY of all time. I love these 2 little Christmas trees and how they turned out. They are simple but perfectly festive for any farmhouse themed Christmas decor. 

Full Tutorial here 


Dollar Tree (Functional) Stocking Hangers 

Dollar Tree DIY Stocking Hangers 2 Over 15 Christmas DIYs

Okay so I may have lied a little. This might tie my Dollar Tree Christmas Tree for first place. I am still in love with these as much as I was the day I made them. There are so many stocking hanger DIY’s made from DT items, but none of them really “work” because they don’t weigh enough. I solved that with these hangers and they look stunning. 

Full Tutorial here


DIY Letterboard Countdown Ornament

DIY Letterboard Christmas Countdown Ornament Over 15 Christmas DIYs

I made this cute little ornament when letter boards were all the rage? Are they still in? Not sure. Anyways, I made this ornament from some small pieces of wood and added my actual letters from my larger letter board to create the words. 

Full Tutorial here


Thrifted Candleholder Rustic Centerpiece 

Thrifted Christmas Centerpiece 1 Over 15 Christmas DIYs

I originally made this centerpiece for the $5 Goodwill challenge hosted by Hilary at Old World Home on YouTube and then shared it here alongside another group of bloggers. I see metal candleholders at Goodwill all the time and I challenged myself to make something beautiful out of this one. By the way that burlap box is a complete DIY… you won’t believe what it’s made out of. 

Full Tutorial here


Dollar Tree Berry Ornament 

DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Ornament 6 Over 15 Christmas DIYs

This was an ornament that I thought up of on a whim, and it came out even better than I had envisioned. It’s so easy to make yet, really looks like a well thought out piece of Christmas decor. 

Full Tutorial here


DIY Christmas Place Holder

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 14 Over 15 Christmas DIYs

This was another super easy DIY and I actually made this not long after we moved into this house. It’s perfectly rustic and you can customize it every year as you change out your colors. 

Full Tutorial here


Christmas Tree Shirt DIY

DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Tree Shirt 9 Over 15 Christmas DIYs

Yep, that’s me wearing one of very few wearable DIY’s I’ve made. Check out my Instagram model pose ?. This tee perfect if you want to create your own shirts to wear for Christmas and you can always make more than one for your family. 

Full Tutorial here


Dollar Tree Christmas Village 

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Fall Christmas DIYs Over 15 Christmas DIYs

This DIY is more versatile. As you can see you can make decor for Fall or a cute Christmas village and I made these by using the little house shaped shadow boxes at Dollar Tree. As a matter of fact I only have 5 of those houses total and I made them interchangeable. The possibilities are endless with this one! 

Full Tutorial here


Fun Woodland Animals 

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Woodland Animals 13 Over 15 Christmas DIYs

This one is more whimsical, but it’s a great project you can make with your kiddos for Christmas. My daughter Natalia helped me make these and I even have patterns you can print out making this even easier to recreate. 

Full Tutorial here


Simple Farmhouse Holiday Wreath

DIY Farmhouse Holiday Wreath 8 Over 15 Christmas DIYs

This little wreath is smaller in size and can be left out all year long, but with the perfect red and white ribbon it looks super festive for the holidays. Even better is that it will cost you no more than $3 to make! 

Full Tutorial here


Mini Farmhouse Sign Ornaments 

Mini Farmhouse Sign Ornament Over 15 Christmas DIYs

I love farmhouse signs and if you do too, then you will love making miniature versions as ornaments. The best thing about them is you can make your very own design for them and you don’t need a silhouette or cameo to do so!  

Full Tutorial here


Hot Cocoa Bar

4 5 Over 15 Christmas DIYs

Something fun you can create for the holidays is a mini cocoa station. I have seen huge bars, but if you don’t have the space you can definitely create one out of a tiered tray! 

Full Tutorial here


“Merry” Christmas Ornament DIY

MERRY Xmas Ornament Over 15 Christmas DIYs


Can you tell I love mini farmhouse signs for Christmas decor? This one is super cute and festive. And there are 2 other different ornament DIY’s along with this one you can make. 

Full Tutorial here


Rustic Glam Christmas Decor 

Rustic Glam Christmas Decor Over 15 Christmas DIYs

If you love neutral tones for Christmas decor or perhaps a more wintery vibe, this DIY is one you will love. I’m thinking I might go more this route this year. Of course, I am always debating! 

Full Tutorial here


Dollar Tree MERRY Sign

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments 2 Over 15 Christmas DIYs

For this last one, I am sharing this sweet sign. This was another fun DIY and many of the items used were from Dollar Tree or leftover pieces from other projects. Plus, who can resist buffalo check!?

Oh, and this was actually a Christmas in July DIY I made last year! 

Full Tutorial here

Well I hope you enjoyed this list and got inspired. I am looking forward to the holidays this year cause it brings so much joy to my heart. 

And just in case you can’t get enough of Christmas decor definitely check out my Christmas DIY and home decor playlist on my channel for even more inspiration. 

Don’t forget to share this with you friends who love the holidays as well! 

Over 15 Christmas DIY’s15 Christmas DIYs Over 15 Christmas DIYs

I will see you in the next one.

Until then…. adios! 

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