DIY Coastal Mirror


DIY Coastal Mirror DIY Coastal Mirror

DIY Coastal Mirror

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Hey there friends! Hope you all are doing well. I have been away for a little bit. There’s been a lot to process over these past couple of weeks and while it feels like my kids just got out of school for the year, we are already getting ready for what the new school year will look like for our children. 

We are also moving along with updates to the house. Things are moving slower than I wish, and several things have changed in our plans. We have painted the kitchen cabinets already which is a huge win at this point. 

In addition, my husband and I have been wanting to create a second Youtube Channel called The Latinos Next Door so that we can share a more personal look into our lives and our day to day adventures, so we finally made that leap! Some of my original channel subscribers want a way to know us better and to see more videos so I am happy to provide that and see where that leads. 

Today I am sharing my latest Look for Less project. I came across this beautiful mirror at Pier1 while checking out their “going out of business” inventory. Unfortunately, even on sale it was out of my price range. However, I really liked the look and I thought it would be something that would look great with my coastal farmhouse decor so I thought I would give it a shot. 


Screen Shot 2020 05 24 at 12.14.36 PM DIY Coastal Mirror

I knew I could round up these items needed for this for much less. 

The main items you need is a round wood board, half round beads and a mirror. The round wood board is from Home Depot. The half round wood beads are found online and the mirror is from Michael’s – it is a regular item but I found that not all Michael’s carry them. 


10 DIY Coastal Mirror


As always, you can check out the video tutorial for this as well…  

DIY Coastal Mirror

First thing I did was create a coastal greige stain for the wood board. Of course you can always choose how you wish to stain your piece to match your decor. You can go as light or dark as you choose. 

9 DIY Coastal Mirror

To save on cost I used what I had on hand. Among them were my favorite white chalk paint for the dry-brushing, clear wax to create the stain and my favorite antiquing wax for depth. 

In order to get the color above, I mixed the paints and waxes below. You can always substitute for close matches you may have on hand. 

4 DIY Coastal Mirror

Then I just brushed it on all over the board while following the grain. I let it sit for a while to dry before buffing it with a lint free cloth. The wax I use tends to get a little grainy in places and I like to remove that excess, but not before it has a chance to dry some. 

8 DIY Coastal Mirror

Before doing the same thing to the beads, I dry-fitted them around the mirror to know the exact number I was going to use. 

7 DIY Coastal Mirror

I painted them as well. 

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3 DIY Coastal Mirror

I let the beads and board dry, removed the excess wax and then gave them each a second coat. Once the second coat was dry, I removed the excess wax as well. 

After that, I began to dry brush with white chalk paint. I used a chip brush for this and applied lighter in some areas than others, since I really wanted it to look aged. 

Also, I made sure to get the edges as well. 

12 DIY Coastal Mirror

I took a small artist brush and filled in the areas in between the beads. I wanted them to look like they were part of the board and it had aged that way for a while. 

Horizontal Blog Images DIY Coastal Mirror

After I let that dry I cleaned the mirror and it was ready to go on my mantle. I will eventually add hanging hardware to the back, but for now this works fine. 

I LOVE the way this mirror turned out!!!

6 DIY Coastal Mirror

The brush strokes aren’t the same throughout which I thinks adds to the character of the piece. Some are heavier than others. Some are more defined. For the areas that look a little more smoothed out, I took a lint free cloth and rubbed over the dry brushed areas to smooth them out. 

5 DIY Coastal Mirror

I am so ready for my house to be done so I can decorate! 

At least I was able to style the mantle for this. It may have to come off for a bit while we finish some things, but it’s nice to see how the space can look. 

In the end, this mirror came to around $22 total. I didn’t use all of the beads and I used a coupon code for my mirror. Not bad I think! 

Let me know how you like this Pier1 dupe! 

11 DIY Coastal Mirror

Share with your friends who would love to have one of these as well. 

DIY Coastal Mirror DIY Coastal Mirror
Until the next one… adios! 

Yami Signature DIY Coastal Mirror

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