DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle

DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle

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Good morning! Hope you all are doing well today. This week has started great and lots of progress has been made. Stay tuned for an entire series of renovation posts.

I have so many pictures I am going through and will be sharing all about. So much going on in the background. If you have been following along on Instagram you have already seen quite a bit of the behind the scenes. But I will admit it has always been so much harder for me to do progress blog posts, they are just so much harder than a DIY tutorial for me. 

Perhaps it’s cause in the beginning there are no “pretty pictures” to share. And I feel like no one wants to see those

I mean, if you saw the carpet dilemma we had to deal with last year including my trip to the ER, you would understand that this house was a complete hot mess. 

And it has been depressing at times. 

I will say that after a lot of hard work we are finally seeing some real changes so I think I will need to JUST.START.WRITING. I have been asked on many occasions if we regret buying the house, and despite everything we have been through my answer has always been a quick NO. The vision I have for this house is just too grand. 

The land and location alone makes it so worth it. The house is just a bonus. LOL!

But okay, I won’t see talking about that. Let’s get on with this fun DIY! 

Dollar Tree, as you might know, has a pretty large assortment of candles and while their scent variety is getting larger and better, they are all very small in size. 

I had bought the following 3 candles in 3 colors: white, light blue and blue. 

Yes 2 of them are used… we had a brief power outage over the winter and we were short of candles, but I still had enough to continue with my idea. 

DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle 1 DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle

I thought it would be great to try and make one larger candle out of them. But instead of mixing them all together, I had an idea to create an ombre effect. 

So I put them in pot of water on low on the stove and melted them. 

DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle 2 DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle


Then I took a mason jar that I had on hand and placed a new wick inside. You can find wick kits like this here

I am trying my hand at making my own soy candles so I already had some wicks. 

DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle 3 DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle

The first thing you want to do is get the darker candle and pour it into the container. 

Be careful, it will be hot. 

Try to make sure the wax doesn’t touch the side of the container as it goes in. You want it to go straight down to the bottom. 

DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle 4 DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle

Let the wax cool completely. You can put it in the fridge to speed up the process too. 

Then add your next candle and let cool.

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DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle 5 DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle

Do this again with the last candle. 

Let the wax cool and cut the wick….

DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle 7 DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle

Add a ribbon or jute, depending on your taste and that is it! 

Your very own ombre candle.

DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle 6 DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle

This is perfect as a gift or you can make one with different colors for different occasions or holidays! It really is that easy. 

Of course, if I were to do it again, I would probably add at least one more candle to fill up more of the mason jar, but this was all I had on hand. I still think it turned out so pretty. 

Love the white and blue combination? There are more Blue & White DIYs here

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY! Please share it if you know someone who would enjoy it too! 

DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle

I will be seeing you all soon! Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Candle

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