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Ballard Designs Dupe Ballard Designs Dupe

Hello there! It’s Monday again and that means back to homeschooling. Please wish me luck this week. This is hard! I will be taking it one day at a time, but I can only hope that I don’t screw up my kids with my terrible teaching skills. 

For today I have my latest Look for Less project. I host this challenge on my Youtube channel every month and it’s an open invitation to anyone who wishes to join. 

See my first ever Look for Less Dupe here!

My inspiration for this month’s Look for Less was the following faux paper whites that I saw on Ballard Design’s website. 

At the time I saw it, it was on sale for $103.00 but the funny thing was that this was just for the floral portion, not the container. If I had wanted a container for them, I would have had to pay another $63 for a similar one they had on their site. So in total I would have had to spend $166.00! 

Screen Shot 2020 03 21 at 11.19.25 PM Ballard Designs Dupe

But you know me, and that wasn’t happening. So I decided to head to my nearest Goodwill to see if I could come up with something. 

They didn’t have any similar containers, but I was able to find the following… a candleholder and a bowl. The bowl only cost me $0.39.

I also had some 3D round stickers that I had gotten at Dollar Tree and I knew just what to do. 

For the video tutorial you can always go HERE

Ballard Designs Dupe 2 Ballard Designs Dupe

First, I gave everything a good cleaning with alcohol. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 3 Ballard Designs Dupe

Next, I took some E6000 and glued the pieces together. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 4 Ballard Designs Dupe

After they were dry, I gave the piece one coat of spray paint. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 5 Ballard Designs Dupe

As you can see, it still needed more paint, but I needed to make sure the surface was a little more porous for the next step. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 6 Ballard Designs Dupe

I needed to add the 3D stickers. It was super to easy to since they came in strips.

Ballard Designs Dupe 7 Ballard Designs Dupe

Once I was happy with the placement, I gave the entire piece several coats of spray paint. 

Now, it was time to work on the floral portion. For this I needed the following…

A styrofoam round, some floral bushes (from Dollar Tree) and some Easter eggs. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 1 Ballard Designs Dupe

First I cut the bottoms and tops off the eggs.Ballard Designs Dupe 8 Ballard Designs Dupe


I started with an exacto knife, but then I changed to my wood burning tool (with the cutting attachment) and it worked better. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 9 Ballard Designs Dupe

Next, I placed each egg on a square of wrapping paper. It was from Hobby Lobby from when they wrap your delicate purchases so they won’t break, and hot-glued it on. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 10 Ballard Designs Dupe

I glued the rest of the paper onto the egg until it covered it completely. And then I painted over the paper with brown acrylic paint. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 11 Ballard Designs Dupe

Then after they were dry I hot-glued them onto the Styrofoam circle. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 12 Ballard Designs Dupe


Next I added Dollar Tree moss and the floral stems ( individually cut from the bushes) into the 3 different bulbs. I used 2 different type bushes: one was a floral bush and the other was long stem greenery to mimic the long leafs on the original paper whites. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 13 Ballard Designs Dupe

Once I was happy with the flowers, I placed the floral piece inside the white container and then added a little bit more brown acrylic paint (this time a little lighter) to give the bulbs more dimension. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 14 Ballard Designs Dupe


And then I was finally happy with how it turned out! 

Ballard Designs Dupe 16 Ballard Designs Dupe

I was so pleased with how it came together. You can’t tell that the bowl was 2 different pieces and the Easter eggs are well camouflaged by the crinkled paper (which was basically trash). 

Comparing the two, I think I did pretty good. The only supplies I had to buy for this were 3 bushes, the 3D stickers, the spray paint, the bowl and candleholder. So my cost was only $9. 

Look for Less March 2020 Ballard Designs Dupe

My daughter loved this so much that she wants it in her room. Makes my heart so happy that she actually appreciates my creations. 

Ballard Designs Dupe 15 Ballard Designs Dupe

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Let me know what you think below and I will see you in the next one! 

Until then… adios! 

Yami Signature Ballard Designs Dupe

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