What to Expect in 2020

What to Expext in 2020 pin What to Expect in 2020

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Happy New Year friends! I am so ready to start this New Year and I have a lot of things planned for my site and channel. Last year was kinda crazy, my growth on YouTube was steady and I made some great videos that did really well. Because of this my website hurt a bit, honestly. I wasn’t posting as often and wasn’t really enjoying it much since I wasn’t experiencing the same growth on it as my channel

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However, toward the end of the year one of my previous Christmas posts went viral and the surge of new traffic nearly broke my internet space – I jumped on it quick and was able to do something about it before my site shut down due to the incoming traffic. And as a result it gave me a sense of hope that this was still worth pursuing. 

I have been doing this for many years now and it can get frustrating when you put a ton of work in with little results. But alas. I was able to end 2019 with a little bit of hope. 

So for today I will be sharing my plans for this year and what you can expect. Everything mentioned here will be done both on my channel and blog. 

First, off I am happy to announce that my Look for Less monthly challenge will come back.

Look for Less Challenge PIN What to Expect in 2020

Because of my move, I had to stop this for a while, but it is coming back this month and I am excited about my co-hosts and all of the things I plan on sharing with you all.

If you aren’t familiar with the Look for Less Challenge, it is where I invite YouTubers as well as those at home to recreate a home decor piece from a higher end store and recreate it for less. My co-hosts are all YouTubers, but I will share my projects here on my blog. 

Next, I plan on posting 3 times a week. 

Yes 3 times! I know, it’s totally ambitious, but I am hoping that having a set schedule will be better for me and you. It will allow consistency and time management on my part, and it will bring more content to you. 

Posts will include home decor and DIY tutorials like I have been, but I also hope to share a weekly recap video/post with you all. As you know, we just moved and there is A LOT to do with our Fixer Upper.

These posts will keep things up to date as to the happenings (and not happenings) each week. 

You should expect posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week. 

Fingers crossed! ??

Another item that has been on my mind is to have my own online shop! 


Every time I say I have an announcement on my Youtube channel a lot of people think it’s my own line of products and boy do I wish it were true! 

Of course,  I have always thought I am “too small” for anyone to buy anything from, and often doubt any success in anything I might sell. But this is the year that I crush those doubts and just DO IT! 

…with Rob as my cheerleader, of course. 


So stay tuned for more information on that very soon! 

The next item is more recipes!

I practically never post them on here, but the ones I have posted do pretty good (and the flan has gotten great reviews), so I will be adding more of those this year. 

How to Make Flan new What to Expect in 2020

And, no, I am NOT the best cook, but I do try and I have a few things up my sleep. 

Have you tried my sugar cookies? They are amazeballs! 

soft sugar cookie recipe What to Expect in 2020

Next on the agenda are more sewing tutorials! 

This is probably the one I am most excited about. I truly love sewing! It’s so calming to me. And while everything I know has been 90% self-taught, I just love the idea of adding unique touches throughout your home, just by simply sewing your own items. 

Even if it’s just a simple basket liner…. 

How to sew a basket liner 1 What to Expect in 2020

Or a cute farmhouse tablecloth….

How to Make a Tablecloth Farmhouse Style 16 What to Expect in 2020


Finally I just want to mention that since my last health scare I haven’t really been the same and I need to take drastic measures into getting healthy again. I won’t be posting a ton about this, but I will be including updates as to how I am doing throughout the next few months. 

There is just so much to do here on our Fixer Upper and frankly I need to get healthy in order to do everything I need and want to accomplish. 

What to Expect in 2020 (video)


Well, I think that is everything! 

I hope you all had a wonderful start to the New Year and I will see you back here on Monday! 

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