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DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders Pin DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder

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Hello everyone! 

I hope you are all doing well and have gotten quite a bit of Christmas shopping done already. The hubby and I went out today to shop for a few things and it was really nice – we don’t get to go out without the kids often. Just got a couple more gifts to get and we will be done! 

You probably know already, but if you don’t I am doing a giveaway on my Youtube channel and today is the last day to enter. So if you want to know what it’s about and how to enter, definitely check it out. 

Frankly, I have been feeling the Christmas blues. Since the carpet dilemma and me going to the hospital and finding thing after thing underneath the old carpets (and my house being a complete disaster with boxes and furniture piled high…) I am just not feeling the Christmas spirit.

I have an 1/8 of the amount of Christmas decor up and I am just feeling down about not having a perfectly Christmas-ready home… especially since this is my favorite time of year. I have been beyond frustrated. 

I just want floors for Christmas! 

Yes, my husband ripped out the floors and documented the whole thing and now we are walking on subfloors. ??‍♀️

Send help! 

It’s been a rough few weeks. 

However, in the attempt to get myself in the spirit of things, I decided to do a little DIY, which is why you are here of course. 

I saw these cute ornaments in the Christmas ornament craft section as Hobby Lobby and I just had to get them. I got 2 packs at 50% off of course. 

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder Supplies:

  • Hot Glue
  • Wood Tint – Walnut 
  • Galvanized Christmas Tree Ornaments
  • Tumbling Blocks from Dollar Tree
  • Ribbon
  • Cardstock or Posterboard
  • Stamps/Ink (optional)
  • Snowflake clip (optional)
  • Hole punch (optional)

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 1 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder




I took them out of the packaging and removed their jute strings. 

Then I got some tumbling blocks from the Dollar Tree and proceeded to stain them using my favorite wood tint in Walnut (I love it cause it’s water-based and I can use it indoors in the winter because it doesn’t have a strong odor like regular stain).

I had 8 trees so I needed 16 blocks. 

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 2 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder

Once dry, I hot-glued them together. 

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 3 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder


They look like little benches. 

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 4 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder


I added hot glue to the back of the “benches” and glued the trees on. 

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DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 5 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder


You could do the next step differently and even print these out, but I decided to use these cute stamps from Michael’s that I got for 99 cents in order to label some placeholders. 

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 6 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder

And I stamped away! This was actually fun! I can’t remember the last time I stamped anything like this (of course, you would add your guest’s names on the tag, but for the purpose of the post, I just used the word “guest”). 

I then needed to punch a hole in the cardstock… you can use a regular hole punch or something a litte fancier. 

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 7 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder

I attached the tag to the Christmas tree with a ribbon and tied a bow. 

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 8 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder


And voila! Instant place holder. 

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 14 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder

Your guests will love them so much they’ll probably want to take them home (which is not a bad idea). 

Now, if ribbons aren’t your thing, you can use a snowflake (like this below).

I had a garland from Dollar Tree with these snowflakes on mini clothespins and I just took them off the garland.

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 10 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder

And put them on the trees! Can’t get any easier than that, amiriiiiight?

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders 13 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder

Of course the best part about the snowflake is that you can use it all winter long!

Simple yet farmhouse chic! Love these little guys.

At least crafting got me in a little bit of the Christmas spirit. I wish I had as much to share as last year, but time is running out and most of my stuff is still packed. 

I’d love to know what you all think of these little placeholders! I made a set of 8 for well under $10 which I think is great. 

Don’t forget to PIN this for later and share with your friends !

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholders Pin DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder

Yami Signature DIY Farmhouse Christmas Placeholder


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