Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans


Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans

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Hello friends! 

So I am excited to finally share my first plans for the first room that is getting a facelift in our farmhouse “fixer upper”

Say that three times fast! ?

If you checked out my last post, you already have gotten to see all the “pretty” pictures of the house when it was listed. However, I think it is only fair to show you what the house really looks like without all the “stagey” photos (I mean, it’s only fair right? Plus, it makes for a better “after”). 

So here is what the sunroom really looks like. 

That door is the one that leads to the kitchen and dining. 

Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Before 1 Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans

Here is another view.

That is the same door on the left and the one on the right is the one to the garage.

Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Before 4 Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans


Here are the windows furthest away with the door to the garage on the left. 

Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Before 2 Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans


And here you see all the windows with the door that leads to the stairs that go down to the concrete patio in the back. 

I was trying to go clockwise to give you a better sense of the room. 

Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Before 3 Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans

The room was really drab and dirty. Lots of spider webs, dust, dirt and animal hair. ?

Naturally I began spraying, wiping, vacuuming, dusting… you name it! 

Cause I could not wait until I got my hands on this room. 

I am not sure if I already explained this, but the reason this is going to be the first room done is because it can be closed off from the rest of the house. By having a room that closes off, we can rip out carpets, floors, remove popcorn ceilings etc. without having to be all up in that stuff 24/7. 

This will give us an oasis where we can enjoy family time and forget about the hot mess that is the rest of the house in the mean time. 

Make sense?

So, here are the plans for this… at least the initial ones. 

And as always you can check out the video version of this post on my Youtube channel or by scrolling to the end of this video. 

Sunroom Vision Board Hunter Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans

Of course, I want to paint the vertical panels white so that they look like vertical shiplap. It will help brighten the space. 

And as you know I love incorporating a coastal theme to my farmhouse style. 

I love navy blue and thought about navy blue cement looking tiles, however, I decided I wasn’t ready to make such a bold permanent commitment to one color so I changed the tiles to gray as you see below.

Sunroom Plans Change 1 Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans

Then I decided to use the carpet from my old keeping room in order to keep costs low and save myself from sweeping a ton of hairs from the jute rug. I had that experience with the one in my son’s room and just the thought of dealing with the reno plus jute strays was enough to change my mind. 


So below is my final vision board. Neutral and simple. I’m happy! Especially since this year I am going with a more traditional farmhouse Christmas theme with pops of red and this will allow me to change the colors as often as I like without having them clash. 

Sunroom Plans Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans

Speaking of! 

Here is a sneak peak of what I plan on doing for Christmas. Since this is the only place inside I can really decorate this year I have to do something special.

Whatcha think? 

Red is not my favorite color decorate with, but I thought the traditional pops of red would be nice for the kiddos this year. 

Sunroom Plans Christmas Vision Board Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans


Some of these items I have had for a while but I plan on sharing some links in the next post. 


Now it’s all about prep work! 

It’s time to paint and this time we are using a spray gun…. windows are getting taped up! Wish us luck! 

Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Before 5 Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans

Yami Signature Coastal Farmhouse Sunroom Plans

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