My Home Tour 2019… Part 2

My Home Tour 2019 Part 2 My Home Tour 2019... Part 2

Hello there again friends!

October is moving along and we are still in the 90’s!… ? If you are still feeling this heat, then perhaps a little distraction will do you some good.

Today, we are continuing with the home tour! I hope you’ve been enjoying the previous exterior and first floor tours as we walked around and throughout my home.

Honestly, it’s been kinda fun for me to film my tours this way. I think it makes the tour feel more intimate. Plus, I get to show you things as they really are and you aren’t left with that wonder of how rooms are laid out throughout a home.

I know I get that when people are just sharing their pretty angles in pictures ?

For today I am taking you to the upstairs where I share the kids bedrooms, the master bedroom and bathrooms.

You may have already seen them as I have shared some previous transformations. We made updates to our master bedroom and it looks totally different from the day we moved in.

I replaced the most hideous wallpaper in my youngest’s room and I even shared a complete tutorial on how to do it…

My son’s bathroom got quite the change too – it was brown on brown on brown, but not anymore! I even share more changes to his bathroom in the video so that was fun.

So far, we have done a lot and I was happy to share the progress as well as some before pictures in the videos so you can get a sense of how much work was really completed.

In addition I share my daughters’s bathroom in the video and I have not shared it on the blog yet. We have done some really pretty updates to that as well.

So sit back and relax for Part 2 below!

My Home Tour 2019… Part 2




I will see you back here for the last episode!

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