Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape

Feminine Farmhouse Tablescape Pin2 Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape

Happy long weekend friends!!!

Did this week seem brutal to you? Gosh, it was for me! Long days and nights and now that I am one of the room moms (happy to be so!) for one of my kids, I feel like I actually have a social life and I am “doing things” like with other human beings… moms to be exact.

It’s fun and there are some amazing women in the group, but this has brought a whole ‘nother level of responsibility over here. LOL!

Things have been kinda quiet here and I feel like I am always apologizing (sorry!… there I go again) however, I have a really REALLY big thing I am working on in the background and I hope to have an announcement VERY soon for you all. I feel like I just keep getting pushed away from my site for some reason…but….

I do know one thing… HE has a plan.

And HE has shown me this week… so much! God is great and he has helped me and my family so much during these past couple of weeks. I cannot wait to share what I have in store…. that will totally rock my world and even my website… more to come, promise!

But now that this week is over….

Bring on the football… and beer…. I mean, football!!!! 

No really, let’s bring on some fall decor shall we? I am ready for sweater weather and hay rides and pumpkins and trick or treating and everything that comes with Fall.

I just collaborated with 6 other amazing women on Youtube in a “Fall Into Inspiration” video series and we all decorated something different in our homes to give our audience some great Fall decor ideas to kick off the season this year… we have a playlist of all of the videos we made and I will link to it here if you wish to check it out.

I chose the tablescape. I had so much fun creating mine last year, it was only fitting to share another one.

I knew I wanted a table cloth and I found out that Walmart actually sells pre-cut/packaged pieces of fabric in 2 yard lengths and I found this beautiful plaid one with light touches of a peachy pink throughout… 2 yards was the perfect size for my table (it kinda reminds me of something Cher would wear from Clueless, no?)

Anyways, I LOVE how it looks.

Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape 4 Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape

I knew I wanted a light color scheme (not necessarily neutral) this year, so I grabbed some of my previous Dollar Store pumpkins as well as a some end of season clearance ones and painted them in muted orange, sage and white colors.

I also needed some height in the center, but my galvanized metal tiered was too bulky and rustic for the look I was looking for. So I just grabbed a cake stand and placed a DIY mini stand from Dollar Tree on top and viola! Instant “tiered tray”.

Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape 3 Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape

I used simple white plates, napkins from Target and I made those raffia napkin rings from Dollar Tree items as well. You can see the tutorial here.

You know what else I made?

Those amazing chargers! Yep, did you think they were really galvanized? Well, I hope you did. But, nope!

I totally painted them that way and I will share the step by step process here soon. You can always get a head start and check the video tutorial already though.?

I think these chargers are one of my favorite DIYs yet!

Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape 1 Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape

These glasses and candles are also from Dollar Tree.

I really do love how simple and inexpensive can still be elegant. Don’t you?

Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape 2 Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape


I added pops of greenery and peach florals throughout and the pumpkin on top of the centerpiece is from Michaels.

Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape

If you want to see how I pulled everything together you can watch me decorate this table setting on my channel below!





Let me know what you think of this tablescape! I think it’s the perfect combination of rustic and feminine. I will see you back here soon!


Yami Signature Feminine Fall Farmhouse Tablescape



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