Great Room Transformation – BEFORE

Great Room Transformation Vision Board BEFORE. png Great Room Transformation   BEFORE

As bloggers, one of the things we try to do to capture interest when posting a new blog post is to get your attention with a gorgeous photograph, even if it is a “before” image. However, with THIS great room that wasn’t happening.


Uh uh.

So I decided to share my design board FIRST and then the ugly room. LOL!

But then again perhaps going with a terribly ugly image of what my great room used to look like, might have still gotten your attention. ?

Let’s be real…

You are definitely entitled to having your own style in your own home, but this was too unbearable for me.


Great Room Transformation BEFORE 4 Great Room Transformation   BEFORE

For being a 2 story great room it was just too dark…. almost cavelike….

The blinds were old and discolored and those medieval curtains going all the way up to the second story were just too much.

It was so dark the room itself was hard to capture. 

But here is a better lit image.


Need I say more?

Great Room Transformation BEFORE 5 Great Room Transformation   BEFORE

No wait, 2 stories of purple!

In a sea of purple-ness the fireplace and built-ins were lost.


Great Room Transformation BEFORE 1 Great Room Transformation   BEFORE

And here is the other side.

Great Room Transformation BEFORE 2 Great Room Transformation   BEFORE

Not that any side of this room had a “good side” but at least there was some gray on this side of the room.

Let’s face it, if you know me, you know this is not my style.

But I could see the potential.

Great Room Transformation BEFORE 3 Great Room Transformation   BEFORE

The fireplace was a good start with the stone.

And the built-ins were very well made.

So I decided to get my creative juices in order and I came up with this!

If you have been here a while, you know I have shown bits and pieces of this room (just not the whole she-bang!)

So, just like for my master bedroom I decided to create an inspiration board. It really does help put everything together visually for you. I have included sources for the items I was able to find as well.

I knew I wanted to marry farmhouse with a coastal feel so blue accents were a must!

Great Room Transformation – THE  PLAN

Great Room Transformation Vision Board BEFORE. png Great Room Transformation   BEFORE

So in my head this what was going to go down!

*Some of the links below are affiliate links, please see full disclosure here
  • First, I was going to take down those medieval curtains. Off they go!!!! 
  • Next, I was going to paint the walls Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams and give all (yes, ALL) of the trim a fresh coat of paint
  • Then, I was going to paint the built-ins white and add shiplap above the fireplace.
  • I was getting a brand new sectional from IKEA
  • A shoe cabinet for the hubby was a must (cause I prefer them NOT to be all over the house)
  • A quatrefoil mirror which I already had was going to make its way in.
  • This awesome farmhouse inspired topiary set which I talked about in this post was going to be perfect on the mantle (I shared a discount for them in the post as well).
  • New curtains to add a little blue (I was able to find the exact ones I used here).
  • Farmhouse greenery throughout.
  • And of course a rustic wood mirror had to be a part of the design (I can’t find the one I have, but the one in the image is very similar to it and you can find it here)

Did I make it happen?

Oh you bet I did!

I can’t wait to show it to you in the next post!

So be sure to stay tuned!

Great Room Transformation Vision Board BEFORE. png Great Room Transformation   BEFORE

Yami Signature Great Room Transformation   BEFORE


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