IKEA Table Hack – Farmhouse Transformation

Ikea Hack Farmhouse Transformation IKEA Table Hack   Farmhouse Transformation

Happy Friday! I don’t know what is up with me, but it’s like I have been missing my “mojo”lately – perhaps it’s the allergies or perhaps it’s burnout… I’m sure you have noticed I haven’t posted as much on here as I would like. Maybe it’s because I have been doing this for a while and perhaps I just need a break from blogging??? No idea….

Or maybe time hasn’t been enough lately. I mean….


Can I get an amen!?!

Then there’s my Youtube channel.

It has been growing at a much faster rate than I would have expected, and I can say that I have been enjoying the benefits of a loving community over there. Weird. I never thought of myself as a YouTuber, but frankly the complexity of filming and editing is actually something I have been enjoying… (nerd alert!).

And sometimes I get so involved in a project that I honestly forget to take images as I am filming.

I keep telling my husband I need a camera crew, but I don’t think he’s been listening. ?

Even still I don’t want to miss sharing my projects with my community here so I am sharing my latest furniture transformation that I happened to film… plus sometimes I think it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy a quick video instead of having to thumb up and down a post and actually read.

Perhaps, I’m just lazy like that! ?

So I will be inserting my video tutorials by themselves here and there to see how they work out. However, if you would rather enjoy images and print, do speak out!

Okay, my breakfast area was in dire need of a table that I could use for a coffee station. I had been looking a while for something cheap on FB Marketplace and I came across an IKEA table for $20. I was on it like white on rice cause you know I love a good score!

My hubby and I picked it up STAT!

She was not pretty by any means though, but I knew I could fix her up!

Ikea Hack Farmhouse Transformation 1 IKEA Table Hack   Farmhouse Transformation

With the help of some leftover 1 x 4’s…

Ikea Hack Farmhouse Transformation 2 IKEA Table Hack   Farmhouse Transformation

and some paint…. I was able to turn her into this!

Ikea Hack Farmhouse Transformation 3 IKEA Table Hack   Farmhouse Transformation

She’s a vision!

I love the blue color (that my husband actually picked out) and the pop color it gives this wall. And the wood along with the distressing makes it look like it’s been in a farmhouse kitchen for a long time.

Things you will need for this…

IKEA Table Hack – Farmhouse Transformation

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And here is how I did it… simply click play and enjoy the process! 

Have you done any Ikea hacks lately? I was so lucky to have found this table for only $20! This is one of my favorite pieces yet!

Ikea Hack Farmhouse Transformation Long Pin IKEA Table Hack   Farmhouse Transformation

Yami Signature IKEA Table Hack   Farmhouse Transformation

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  1. Hi, here’s a silly question I’m sure..what is the white chalk paint for? I can see the blue but do you put the white underneath first so that it isn’t dark when applying the blue?? Thanks.

    1. No problem! The white chalk paint is what I used to dry brush on top of the blue paint to give it a more weathered look. In the video I show you the exact process. I don’t put anything on the piece of furniture underneath the blue and when I distressed it the black shines through as well. I wanted it to have different dimensions and look old. Hope that helps!

    2. I totally missed answering this! So sorry. I only added the white chalk paint to the top of the blue. This was a personal choice. I wanted it to look weathered and have more of a coastal feel with the light white strokes. You can always choose to leave it without it though. I hope that helps!

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