Easy Christmas in a Jar for a Tween

So there comes a time in a kid’s life where they enter that in between stage… ya know, not a “kid” anymore and not a teen either. That “tween” stage. It’s at this awkward time that we scratch our heads the hardest and ask, “What in the world am I going to get him/her?!”

Well I have a few nieces in that stage (and you may too) so I thought I would share this cute little gem I found at my local $5 and Below store….


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12 Days of Christmas Ideas 2018 Easy Christmas in a Jar for a Tween

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It’s Day 8 and we are sharing Christmas In A Jar Ideas!

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Easy Christmas in a Jar for a Tween

As you know by now I am a little obsessed with Dollar Tree and I go there for all things crafty. However, I saw a $5 and Below from the corner of my eye while shopping a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it again…

The first time I went I wasn’t impressed, but I guess Dollar Tree has become such a big hit that they had to “up the ante”. 

And let me tell you I was so happy they did! They have all sorts of goodies (that are actually nice!) in there and since nothing is over $5 it is all very reasonable.

While strolling through the store, I came across this little beauty:

Easy Christmas In a Jar For a Tween 1 Easy Christmas in a Jar for a Tween

Isn’t it adorable!?

It’s a frickin’ mason jar with nail polish and accessories inside and you can use the container to drink cause it has a frickin’ straw! ?

I felt like a 90’s teenager who won front row tickets to see NSYNC!

Okay maybe not that excited… 

But still! I just had to get it!

Easy Christmas In a Jar For a Tween 2 Easy Christmas in a Jar for a Tween

The colors were girly but not too girly.

The nail polish wasn’t too “adult”.

They could all be contained in the jar for no clutter (thinking like a mom here).

Easy Christmas In a Jar For a Tween Easy Christmas in a Jar for a Tween


It was a done deal for me…

The only, and I mean only, thing is that the cup is not glass (which may be a good thing for a Tween) but that was the only downside.

But you can totally get all kinds of stylish ones in different colors like the ones below if you are looking for something a little more “higher end” – you can totally DIY this and I probably would have if the idea had crossed my mind without seeing this first. But it looks like the universe gave me a break. ?

Now, of course this isn’t the only thing I would get a niece for Christmas, but it is a nice little side gift.?

And of course you can always fill it up with the polishes and accessories of your choice if you wish to piece them together yourself.

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  1. What a great find at the 5 Below Store, I don’t have one close to me so I don’t go in to often but this is the perfect gift for a tween! Love it!

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