DIY Gift Idea – Doll Blanket Set

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12 Days of Christmas Ideas 2018 DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set

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It’s Day 2 and we are sharing DIY Gift Ideas!

DIY Gift Idea – Doll Blanket Set

If you are a mom of girls you know they love playing with their dolls.  My daughters have several and I bought them a cute little bed from Ikea a while back so that they can put them to sleep, however, it came with a blue (and not very cute blanket set) and I always thought I would make them something cuter for it.

Well, the time finally came! I had some pink flannel fabric left over from another project in my stash and I came across this cute patterned fabric at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $3 a yard!

Doll Blanket Set fabric DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set

Ain’t it precious?

Okay, so I grabbed the blanket set the bed came with and used it as my guide.

Doll Blanket Set DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set

I made sure to cut the fabric a little larger for seam allowance.

I cute 2 of these in the flannel and also cut some batting since I wanted it to be kind of “stuffed” like the original blue one.

Doll Blanket Set 1 DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set


For this you just stack the 2 pink on top of the batting and pin them together.

Doll Blanket Set 2 DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set

Run it through the machine leaving a small hole so that you can turn it right side out.

Doll Blanket Set 3 DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set

Once you turn it right side out the batting will be in between both pieces of fabric!

Sew the hole and then add another stitch about half an inch from the boarder all the way around. It’s like making a placemat. (Here is a GREAT tutorial that can explain it so much better than me, especially if you need a visual!)

Doll Blanket Set 4 DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set

The blanket was much easier cause it was just a rectangle. I actually cut it a little bit larger cause the one it came with was kinda small. Simply cut to desired size and hem all 4 borders… easy peasy!

Doll Blanket Set 5 DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set

Then finally I made a simple envelope pillowcase, but added the same type of pleats as my DIY farmhouse tablecloth and DIY placemats. 

I am really into pleats right now! 

Doll Blanket Set 6 DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set

And that was it! Seriously, if you can sew a straight line you can totally do this!


Doll Blanket Set 7 DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set

The girls are going to love it!

Doll Blanket Set 8 DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set

I even have some extra material so I may add more little items as their gifts! I can’t wait to wrap this up and give it to them for Christmas.

Wouldn’t you love this if you were a little girl? I know I would!

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Doll Blanket Set Pin DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set

Catch you back on Friday!

Yami Signature DIY Gift Idea   Doll Blanket Set


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