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Farmhouse Topiaries Pin The Best Farmhouse Topiaries

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Okay, so I have a confession to make… I have a black thumb….

Like the worst, EVER!

So bad that my husband has to remind me to water my own plants. Maybe it’s because I have 3 kids and things just get busy, so I forget. Who knows!?  And while I have always preferred the faux ones I don’t really have that many in my home either. Perhaps it’s because they always look so “fake” to me and I feel I would get called out by my guests, HA!

However, I do understand that greenery is nice to have around the home and I am slowly starting to incorporate more throughout, both real and faux plants.

If you recall, I created DIY floral farmhouse sconces and I made a coastal wreath for my summer mantle.

Summer Coastal Farmhouse Mantle 1 The Best Farmhouse Topiaries

So you can imagine my delight when I had the opportunity to work with Plantscape Inc. , who offers an amazing variety of interior and exterior landscaping products and services. You can get florals, different types of plants and even faux trees from them!

They are best known for their commercial application of faux greenery with high quality interior landscaping.

As a former commercial property manager I can tell you that greenery is a huge part of office buildings and commercial office spaces. The nicer the the accents the more high end and welcoming a property feels. I cannot tell you how many times we had meetings with our landscapers throughout the course of the year.

It really is that important, which is no wonder why we should apply those same principles to our homes as well.

So, when it came time to test out one of Plantscape’s faux plants I really had to make the right decision as to what would suit my home best. As you know I love me some “Hamptons Farmhouse” style and something that will NEVER go out of style are topiaries.

They truly are versatile, but hard to replicate into a faux plant in my opinion, so I had to test them out…. and let me tell you how amazed I was when I got my package in the mail.

The Best Farmhouse Topiaries 1 The Best Farmhouse Topiaries


The were packaged so tightly with styrofoam and plastic, there was literally nothing you could do to that box that could have damaged these babies, so we were off to a good start right off the bat.

Cause you know those mail carriers can reek some havoc into those packages, amiriiiight!?

So once I pulled them out I noticed they did not leave out a single detail… just look at that bark!

The Best Farmhouse Topiaries 3 The Best Farmhouse Topiaries

It looks so real! And that soil! Just wow! I swear if I didn’t know they were fake, I would totally take some water and water that plant. LOL!

Then there is that cute galvanized pot that goes perfect with any farmhouse decor. I was in love!

The Best Farmhouse Topiaries 4 The Best Farmhouse Topiaries

And then there were those gorgeous boxwood leaves. They have a beautiful green color and were so full and luxurious.

Plus, they even had cute little branches like a real tree would, eek! The topiaries even looked great next to my DIY Pottery Barn vases. 


The Best Farmhouse Topiaries 2 The Best Farmhouse Topiaries

I even loved the fact that they weren’t your average “ball” topiaries, because you can easily add fairy lights and use them for the holidays.

The Best Farmhouse Topiaries The Best Farmhouse Topiaries

Seriously, the possibilities were endless and the attention to detail was second to none!

DIY Pottery Barn Vases 11 The Best Farmhouse Topiaries

I love my little topiary trees – they really are the best farmhouse topiaries ever!

If you think these are as amazing I as I do you can purchase them here and if you use the discount code BLOGGER10 you will get 10% your order (except for custom orders). There are so many plants you can spend days just looking at them.

I am completely amazed and 100% recommend them with their prompt shipping, excellent packaging and amazing attention to detail with their faux plants. Please note I would never recommend something if I didn’t 100% believe it. I really hope you will give them a try!

Let me know in the comments what you love most about these. Were you as amazed as I was with the bark?!

Yami Signature The Best Farmhouse Topiaries



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