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Happy Hump day! I am so happy half the week is gone because I have been painting like crazy all week and I am determined to finish before the weekend approaches… I need a vacation!

So, if you recall I started my monthly Look for Less Challenge in July where I created a dupe for a Pottery Barn mirror. And it was finally time to do the challenge for this month, but unfortunately because of the water leak that I mentioned in my last post, I was not able to do what I had originally intended… so I opted for another Pottery Barn dupe!

And while it was not planned, I totally love how they turned out.

So it all began when I saw these beauties online…

Screen Shot 2018 08 14 at 11.20.30 PM DIY Pottery Barn Vases

Beautiful right?

Well the vases were, but the price not so much… the smallest was $49 and the tallest was $79!!!!! What in the world!?

Yeah no, that was NOT going to happen…

So I remembered I had these not so lovely vases that I have been hoarding saving for about 10 years now, and I thought it was the right time to give them a facelift. I also went ahead and decided to makeover my large vase in my last thrift store hall as well…

DIY Pottery Barn Vases 9 DIY Pottery Barn Vases

Ick, I know! These were so outdated, but they had a great shape… reason why I just could never let them go.

Also, remember you can always view the tutorial below as well…

So, I took them and gave them several coats of white spray paint.

DIY Pottery Barn Vases 6 DIY Pottery Barn Vases

I added painter’s tape and painted the bottom portion with Martha Stewart’s Vintage Decor Paint in Tilled Soil.

I gave it at least 2 coats. I even took a fan artist brush and add little strokes throughout to resemble clay poking through the paint.

DIY Pottery Barn Vases 8 DIY Pottery Barn Vases

Then afterwards, I used Americana Acrylic Paint (from Hobby Lobby) by DecoArt in the color Prussian Blue along with 2 stencils I also purchased there with my 40% coupons., to add a pattern throughout. 

DIY Pottery Barn Vases 7 DIY Pottery Barn Vases

I did a round stencil for the round vase and as you can see they didn’t turn out perfect because of the shape of the vase. I tried spray adhesive, but the stencil still wouldn’t stick very well.

I didn’t mind the messy look though, since I was trying to make these look kinda antique and old.

I used the other stencil pattern on both the other vases since they were a set. I purchased these.

DIY Pottery Barn Vases 4 DIY Pottery Barn Vases

I basically eye-balled the pattern… and worked my way around the vase.

DIY Pottery Barn Vases 3 DIY Pottery Barn Vases

The square vases were perfect as is, but the round vase looked little empty so I took a light blue acrylic paint and used craft match sticks to add more freehand dots on and around the original stencil and I love the final look!


DIY Pottery Barn Vases 10 DIY Pottery Barn Vases

Since I already had the paint and the 2 square vases, I only needed the stencils. The round vase only cost me $5.95 so I was all in for 3 vases at $11!

These are great for bookshelves:

DIY Pottery Barn Vases 14 DIY Pottery Barn Vases


On a mantle:

DIY Pottery Barn Vases 13 DIY Pottery Barn Vases


Or by themselves in a vignette:

DIY Pottery Barn Vases 2 DIY Pottery Barn Vases


Tell me, which style is your favorite?

DIY Pottery Barn Vases 1 DIY Pottery Barn Vases

Here is a look at them side-by-side…

Look for Less PB Vases August 2018 Thumbnail DIY Pottery Barn Vases

I think I did pretty good! Do you have any vases that need a makeover at home?

Don’t forget to pin this and share with your friends!

Be back here very soon!

Pottery Barn Vase DIY DIY Pottery Barn Vases

Yami Signature DIY Pottery Barn Vases

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  1. I’m a huge Pottery Barn fan, but a lot of times items I like are a bit too pricey for me. I love the vases, they look amazing! I’m looking forward to other projects you’ll be doing ❤️

  2. I like the round circles design best but the three pieces together make a great set! Thank you for sharing your talent & “hacks” of Pottery Barn items. I too love so many of their items but don’t purchase because of price. I am looking forward to more inspirations! ?

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