Thrift Store Haul #2

Thrift Store Haul 2 F Image Thrift Store Haul #2

Hello sweet friends! It has been a while since you have seen me and I am so sorry about that! The past couple of weeks have been super crazy with the start of school for my kids since they started on the 6th of August. Then we had a water leak in one of our drainage pipes from the upstairs that we had to repair.

Between that and getting rid of furniture to make room for new stuff, it has been complete chaos! I am ready for another vacation…

I put that in there in case my husband happens to read this. 🙂 

Anyways, I wanted to share with you my latest thrift store haul since I have been finding some really fun items at my local Goodwill lately. I have been scoring some amazing deals and I wanted to share what I look for when I go there. Stick to the end to see my 3 rules!

Before we start, you always have the option of actually viewing the video where I share them below as well!

My first purchase was this (obnoxiously) red basket. I didn’t care for the color, BUT the reason I bought it was because it was in perfect condition. I loved how it had a little “base” to it at the bottom. And it serves perfectly as a bowl to put decorative spheres in.

It can be used to holiday decor or as a centerpiece as well. Plus all it really needs is a good coat of paint and perhaps some distressing. And at only $2.52, it was totally worth it!

Thrift Store Haul 2 3 Thrift Store Haul #2


My next piece was this small white milk jug looking thing and this tea light holder.

The milk jug was not that bad, but that’s not really my shade of blue so I will be changing that very soon. The tea light holder was nice in that it had a simple silhouette and could be easily painted to suit my color scheme…. plus, it has enough area to create some sort of detail pattern around it.

They both cost me $1.91 each.

Thrift Store Haul 2 1 Thrift Store Haul #2


The next items in my haul were these gems!!!!! At $1.91 each I don’t know why anyone would have gotten rid of these, but I swiped these up off the shelf so fast, you would have thought I was Speedy Gonzalez! Ha!

These candlesticks are perfect just as is. I cleaned them and they now sit next to one of my wedding photos (you will see just where soon!).


Thrift Store Haul 2 4 Thrift Store Haul #2

The next item was this metal dish stand thing-majiger.

I am a total professional here folks!

It was in perfect condition as well. Just needed to be cleaned. I thought this would look perfect on a shelf with perhaps more spheres or to use in the fall (which is almost here) with some pumpkin decor….

The price? $3.93! Love it!


Thrift Store Haul 2 5 Thrift Store Haul #2


And finally the last thing I bought was this large and not-so-pretty vase. This was actually my most expensive buy… at $4.54 check out this bad boy!

The artwork (on anything) does not scare me and it shouldn’t scare you either when you go to your local Goodwill. I checked it and it had no chips. It was heavy for its size so it was well made and it had a classic silhouette that I could work with.

Thrift Store Haul 2 2 Thrift Store Haul #2

If you have been following me on my YouTube channel you may have already seen its transformation. If not, no worries! I will be sharing it in the next couple of days here as well. But if you’re inpatient like me just go here. 😉

And that’s pretty much it for this haul! As you can see I didn’t spend that much at all (you’re welcome, hubby!).

So just remember if you are looking for some new items don’t forget to check out those thrift stores near you… and always remember the color you can ALWAYS change so never be taken aback by something that is not “pretty”.

Just make sure it’s:

1) not damaged

2) it has a classic shape that you can work into your current (or future) decor

3) it can be easily painted to match your color scheme.

Those are the 3 main rules I follow when I go to thrift stores.

It may be ugly when I bring it home, but it’s pretty when I display it in my home. Just sayin!

Well, I will be back here soon (promise!) with some great stuff so stay tuned!

Yami Signature Thrift Store Haul #2

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  1. I am so glad I have run across your blog. Love the crafts and hauls I’ve seen so far. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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